Apr 16, 2012


Finished 1/3 exams today :) was quite easy but at the same time challenging... which of course it should be. Okay so last week I had a presentation for my design class.. it's an alternate to having an exam. We had to present our collection of illustrations for either Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter.. I designed my collection for Spring/Summer. And since it was an alternate for an exam we had to dress professionally and that above is what I wore. Most of my outfit was the stuff I bought when I went to the states (Y) glad I got to wear it so soon.

Anyway I've got two more exams.. one on Wednesday and the other on Thursday; I really can't wait till first year's done. It's been amazing and hope second year is even better. And I've got to start making my to do list for the summer (Y) one of which includes exercising.. and I mean it :] I'll be done my exams the next time I post ^^

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