May 29, 2012

lets get something done!

Wow so I sewed my first circle scarf today and may I say the fabric is just adorable. Haha it was actually in the 'scraps' pile at Fabric Land and cost me like $2 for about 100-something cm. Anyway I thought it was good, it's navy blue with white polka dots and red bows :] even though I don't like the colours red and blue together this was an exception (Y). The fabric is very light weight, almost like sheer. Ooh also Kat wanted me to help her make some more skirts and a pair of pants, but these are for little kids :P.

Anyway haven't been doing much these couple of days but I did go out for sushi last week and some friends and myself made pancakes, short bread cookies and eggs . Here's some pics:

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  1. cute blog, and great photos!

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