Jul 16, 2012

beaded memories

Hii everyone, so another OOTD post woo I'm on a roll so far :P So it was quite warm today and I wore a not so summery jean jacket and its really oversized so it looks kinda funny on me. Haha my shoulders are not that broad and the torso area is really roomy.

So a while ago my cousin from Hong Kong gave me these pair of shoes, they're exactly the same other then the colour and size. I really love them and the heels make a clickety clack sound when you walk :)

Some new sewing projects have been added to my archive :P though to be honest I did make these a while ago. The first one is a bandage wrap jean skirt, it was made from a really long jean skirt that I did not wear at all. I thought it'd be a good project and I really like how it turned out. It has an elastic band casing and an asymmetrical hem. I paired it with a few different outfits.

And here is another skirt project I made quite recently. It is your typical elastic waist skirt, but instead of 2 panels [front and back] I made it 3, which is again asymmetrical because I spaced it out unevenly. The colour of the skirt is more of a light salmon then what the picture shows. I took a close up of the fabric so you could see.

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