Jul 15, 2012

foreign encounter

hihi everyone, how's life? As usual I'm still doing nothing and looking for a job... story of my life. Anyway I've discovered Google Chrome and am using it now to type up this post, so far it's quite fast and efficient. My default browser is Opera though; though Opera glitches sometimes and lags, what internet browser doesn't? Chrome seems like it won't cause me problems and I like it, but Opera is #1 for me. The only thing is that Opera doesn't support many sites and etc. meaning I can't blog on it like I can with Chrome. So I'll be using Chrome for anything blog related.

So a few weeks ago I went downtown to the South Asian Festival; we arrived quite early as the festival hadn't begun yet so we just walked through the busy streets of Gerrard and enjoyed the culture and spirit. Here are some colourful and lovely pictures:

Last week I went to Pmall with my sister and we just hung out, it's been a while since we went out together. She got my some OPI nail polishes, they were the mini sized ones... so cute ^^ and lately (well today) I've started to edit my photos and crap :D haha I think I went a little bit overboard but still looks nice. And I curled my hair yesterday, just for fun (I like to do things just cause) and since my hair was curled might as well play with make up, I'm such a girl :P 

(mini sized OPI nail polish)

(super edited photos of myself)

(I made my bow hair clip)

And just to end things off, I made a GIF of the many outfits I've worn over the years, enjoy ^^

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