Jul 17, 2012

lemons and pie

Lol don't mind the title, it was the first thing I thought of. Anyway I had the worst sleep last night, it was super hot in my room [though the AC was on] and I just kept tossing and turning for about an hour and a half D: It was really hard to fall asleep. And I didn't really do much today; I did go to McD's and I got a drumstick mcflurry and some fries :D I love fries <3

Ooh I also painted my nails a minty blue colour, mint is such a trendy colour this season and it is a must! Sadly my nails got ruined after helping my brother clean his room. There was tape involved and tape+painted nails=chipping and disaster. In the end I had to remove the colour and I just did a clear coat. I am satisfied with just that. I did take a few pics before I had to redo them at least, and look I have this cute 'bear' pen [also a comb] that matches my nails ^^

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