Jul 5, 2012

what's left to do [heavy pics post]

So this post is mainly pictures since I'm probably going to rant on and on about random things, but I'm going to include captions for them (Y). Also I apologize for the super long hiatus since my last post but I hope these pictures will make up for it :]


(heading to a friend's place)

(@ Payless trying on white wedges)

(heading out)

(haha I was @ Lowe's)

(going for church)


(Canada Day)

(Love these, thanks Yve ^^)

(my most worn shoes of the summer)



(I finally got a serger!!)

(Testing out the serger)

(Before; XL Men's Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt)

(After :D )

(Gathered at the waist w/ unfinished neckline and armholes)

 (made from the bottom half of  a super long dress)

(elasticized waist)

(elasticized waist polka dot skirt)

(In the process of making this smaller; XL 'free hugs' shirt)


 (yay Sega Genesis is up and running again)

(me and my scarf again; woo Sega)

(Canada Day fireworks ^^)

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