Aug 15, 2012

break time

Haven't blogged in about 2 weeks? Who know, I'm not counting... anyway today I went by school to buy some of the textbooks I need for the coming semester.. sadly some weren't even in stock so I gotta go back on Monday.

And guess what??? I've been doing some sewing projects!! Well just one, but still better then nothing (Y) and I took some more pictures of my [new] dress that I blogged about last time:

Yeahh I know way too 'cross process-y', I took these using my dad's tablet and played around with the effects.. though for this filter I couldn't adjust anything... oh well.

And now for my collar :D ok so about a week ago I did some doodling in my sketchbook and it got me thinking that I should make a collar, I've always wanted to try out this DIY. So here's some sketches and pictures of the collar:

I'm really happy with the way it turned out and it was exactly how I imagined it to be. It's sorta funny because I added the tie as a last minute detail. Originally it was suppose to have a hook and eye for closure and a black ribbon, but this looks better (Y)

Wow okay well I'm done for today.. and haha random but I'm starving.

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