Aug 6, 2012

I love clothes!

Wow another month left then school starts.. I still need to get my schedule for school haha. Anyway on Saturday I hung out at Yve's house and we watched some movies and the Olympics and for dinner we went for pork bone soup at this Korean restaurant. It's been so long since we both had it and as always it was amazing. 

And I've recently discovered a new store, they have a location downtown in China Town and I've wanted them to open another one since dt is so far from me. And luckily one was opened up at STC. It's called Katie and atm I swear all of their clothing is super summer-y, flowy, chiffon, sheer.. everything and anything I would wear during the summer. Unfortunately I am jobless and slightly broke [not really, but I need money during the school year] and I haven't been able to update my wardrobe very much. Although I agree that I do have a lot of clothes and I have donated a lot already.. *sighs* problems of being a girl.. haha. Anyway I was about to snap a few pics of their clothing:

And what I love about this store is that they always have a $4.99-$9.99 rack haha I love amazing clothes for cheap prices. It's so pretty :]

glasses-less for once ^^

happy long weekend!

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