Aug 27, 2012

sequins, pearls and all that jazz

Ever since I found out these existed [catalogues] I've been in love with them. Haha I just love looking at all the furniture and desks etc. that they have for the season. Although I'm still living at home with my parents, I wish to one day buy my furniture and etc. from Ikea.. though by then hopefully I'll be rich haha or at least with a good job. But then again, who knows what the future holds for us.

Anyway I went to school again to buy the rest of my textbooks and then headed downtown with a friend to buy some fabric for school. Of course we [mainly me] got distracted and went into King's Textiles which is relocating soon. So they had a gigantic sale.. like a whole roll of fabric for $1?!?! Like seriously that's cheap! And trims and etc were like $1-2 so of course I got a few things. I was looking for vintage-y type buttons but I couldn't find any that I like, but I did get some pearl looking beads, and applique.. well I'm not really sure what to call it but it was pretty and caught my eye:

And last but not least I did some clothes shopping :O Okay well I only bought 1 top but it was pretty, cheap and I liked the colour combination. It only cost $5 and I got it from a little boutique/store called Spoof [350 Queen Street West] It's a really cute store and they were selling a lot of chiffon/flow-y type tops and blouses:

I think it needs a good ironing ahah

Well that's it for today~ school starts soon D:

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