Aug 23, 2012

seven hundred and thirteen

Yay nail polish, to be honest I haven't done my nails in a while and I thought eh why not? I chose this coral colour that I got when I was visiting Korea last summer. It's a really nice colour and it stands out (Y) I also have one in blue, which I have yet to try haha.

Anyway I was trying out some looks with make up, not that I have special occasions to wear make up to haha. My sister said I was wearing too much, but from the looks of a picture.. it's not that noticeable:

Yeah I have wayy too much fun making GIF's ahhaha. But yeah, I think the only pic where it looks like I'm wearing 'a lot' of make up is the 3rd picture. Other then that.. maybe some eyeliner and shadow and that's about it. 

Oh on a more active note, I've been playing badminton a lot these past 2 weeks. It's a sport that I love [though not the best at] and its the only thing that keeps me active.. haha sad, I know. But its obviously better then nothing.

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