Aug 30, 2012

style me up

Hii everyone, I didn't do much today. Did a few errands, like renewing my Fabric Land card and some laundry. So I only started wearing this shirt recently and I'm already in love with it. It was my mom's and now it's mine. It sorta reminds me of the Victorian era, with the ruffles, the high collar, the side button-up and the colours. Though I tried to make it more modern and styled the shirt 4 ways:

I think its a cute blouse and it works for a casual day like today. Oh and my bag use to be my sister's but she never used it so I asked if I could take it off her hands. And I've had these loafer/oxford-like shoes that I've only worn like 2 times.. and today was the 3rd time. They're like a dark chocolate colour and they'd look cute if you paired them with socks, stockings or you can just wear them with ballet flat socks.. I didn't know what they were called so I just googled it. I'm sure there's a correct term though. Anyway here's a GIF haha:

Okay so new topic, last week.. I think it was Friday, I made a new pair of jean shorts. They're not your typical pair of shorts, meaning I don't think you'd find anything like these in a store today. It took me 2 days to make them and I used McCalls M5857 Misses’ Shorts pattern for it. I had trouble with the zipper and adjusting it to fit my body. I have a small waist and bigger hips.. it's hard to find pants that fit haha. Well here's some pictures:

Although these took me 2 days to make and it was worth the wait. A lot of hard work and determination went into the process of the shorts, I'm glad they came out well. 

Hope you enjoyed the post, happy [almost] long weekend~

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