Aug 20, 2012

what a time we live in

Wahhh look at all these snacks, mmm so delicious.. I wish I could have them all.. but then again I'd gain a lot of weight haha. Anyway last week I spent 2 days just hanging out with my friends, we had a horror movie fest. at Yvette's place and watched A Nightmare on Elm Street [2010 version], The Grudge, Shutter Island and The Intouchables [a French movie, though not horror]. And I went out for Pho with another group of friends and then played Monopoly Deal and Just Dance for the rest of the night. I had a blast :]

Anyway I got 2 items of clothing recently from Yvette, I was so happy when she said I could have them. Thanks again Yve ^^ so one is a navy blue skirt with a sailor like design on it, almost like a collar around the skirt. It also has pockets.. lol I love a skirt with pockets because I need somewhere to put my hands and my phone :] And the other is a floral/leaf print dress, which could be strapless or not. I absolutely love the pleating all around the dress, it's so simple and it flares out sooo nicely. And they're already been worn out hahah. Well here's some pics:

Cute ^^ anyway that's about it for today. I'm planning to go to the CNE at least 5+ times this summer since it's only open for about 3 weeks, haha I try I try. And not to mention the weather's been super nice this week and it's only going to get better... I'll probably go outside and play some badminton. Have a lovely week~

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