Sep 7, 2012

and etc.

Hii everyone, so this week was my first week of school and it was okay haha. Homework load is normal and my schedule isn't so bad (Y). Anyway I had 4 days of school this week since Monday was Labor Day and out of the 4 days, I was able to take 3 OOTD pictures. Here's the first day:

I was able to wear my new lace top, with my denim shorts and my default black stockings, boots and tank. Ooh also I'm wearing the bow headband from the last post. Haha I took this picture in the sewing lab, obviously when there was no class.

Haha this picture obviously wasn't taken at school, I had a 4hr break yesterday so I went to the mall. I was trying on some black suede wedges, cute right? And the shoes I wore are those 2 tone ballerina flats, yay for matching my shirt :] And paired it with my DIY cut off shorts and my signature Bay tote bag.

And today's outfit, light blue knit cardigan with white tank and my default black shorts, stockings and boots. I'm wearing a blue headband to match my cardigan.. if you can even see haha. And today was quite hot so I ended up not wearing the shorts for half of the day.

I'm going to try to keep up with these OOTD's and post them by the end of the week; hopefully it will become a habit.

Anyway I got some new nail polish, yay. All MAC and pretty colours [the lighting kinda sucks] here ya go:

(from left to right: Saint Germain, Impassioned, Anti-Fashion, Spirit of Truth, Screening Room and Coffee Break)

Ooh and I tried the pulled pork poutine at New York Fries... pretty good:

Haha have a good weekend, I've got a load of homework. See you next week ^^

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