Sep 29, 2012

branches and twigs

Woo finally a Forever 21 opened up at Markville Mall, 'bout time! Haha so we got some coupons that give you $5 off your next purchase of $50 or more. And I'm planning to use them :] Here is a collage of the store and some really nicely dressed mannequins:

Ooh and I found a really pretty LBD [little black dress] for my sister, kind of her birthday present haha. It was only $12.50.. that's cheap! Anyway here's her wearing it and the dress itself on a hanger.

I always find such nice things for her and nothing for myself.. haha sad, and I feel like a stylist sometimes hehe ^^ cute dress though, right? I really liked the geometric print on it [trend alert!] and the mesh yoke on the front and back, and of course the sweetheart neckline just adds a girly touch to the hard geometric print.

Next up, today's OOTD. I got to wear my patterned tights today (Y) and a cardigan that I've had for a while but its my first time wearing it. It's seafoam green and has a scoop neckline.. which I usually don't like in cardigans because most of the one's that I have are a v-neckline. But nonetheless it looks good together:

So I've been wearing these black suede booties a lot, I just feel like they go with almost anything. And my black high waist shorts [I have like 2 pairs] are like a staple item of clothing for me. I don't know, I just really liked the outfit for today. And we went to dim sum for my sister's birthday as well as mine. Since they're so close together.

And last but not least, I did a little sewing DIY project yesterday. I made a circle skirt ^^ I've wanted one for a while and thought why not just make one.. had a little bit of difficulty with the zipper.. I only had a navy blue one.. I used it anyway. Haha it looks off a bit, should have gotten a black or silver one though. Well I drafted my own pattern for the skirt and waistband and it has 4 side seams instead of 2:

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    I'm so jealous that you got to go ): I'm in some dire need of outfits. And I love the skirt! We have to finish my sewing project this Christmas! (:


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