Sep 21, 2012

fall into fall

Hiii, yay TGIF everyone! Here is this week's OOTW, but before I get to it I just wanted to point out that whenever I do these OOTW posts, there will always be one day where I have more pictures of the outfit then others. Why you ask? Well simply because I really liked the outfit, and that's the favourite outfit of the week :] Ughh hope I explained that properly, haha anyway let's get to it.

I don't remember much about what I did on Monday but I do remember that it was quite nice that day. I'm wearing my grey 3/4 sleeve cardigan, with a striped tank, and signature high waist black [cuff] shorts and black stockings.

Hmm Tuesday's weather was getting a bit chillier; wore a thicker striped cardigan, grey tank and black leggings. Ooh and I did my nails, two coats of MAC's Anti-Fashion. It's like a mauve colour with a violet shine to it, though the picture looks like some disgusting grey-brown colour.

Okay, Wednesday was actually cold and windy. I was contemplating whether or not I should wear a scarf... I didn't and i regret it. At least I had my beanie (Y) and did some layering. I'm wearing a black blazer, with a black crop tank layered over a white tank, leggings and I'm pretty sure I wore my lace up boots with this ensemble. And I think it rained this day.

Like Wednesday, Thursday was cold but I had to break out my leather jacket. This was such a long day, I had a 4 hour break in between 2 classes and then a 3hr class D: I was so tired I just wanted to go home. Anyway on a side note, I just dressed really casual. Leather jacket, beanie, red dolman sweater, black leggings and striped socks with boots.

Haha as you can obviously tell, Friday was this week's favourite outfit of the week. It was quite nice today, though I left the house around 7:30 so it was quite chilly. That's why I wore knee high socks over my stockings in the first 2 pictures. I had only 1 class today but it was 4hrs long but I finished at 12:30. Though I stayed a bit more to finish up some homework which took another 3hrs... but that's another story. So I wore a thick grey cardigan [which is men's size, I like oversize], a shirt that I got from threadless --> click me which at the time cost me $10, black high waist shorts/stockings and a hair bow. I really like my outfit today.

And of course food.. I had pizza for lunch and steak when I got home :D

And here are the last 2 pictures of today; zoidberg... well why not? and myself. 

Happy weekend everyone.. ooh and tomorrow is the first day of fall/autumn so yes stay warm and fashionable~

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