Sep 11, 2012

in the navy!


Just thought I'd do a quick post. And I painted my nails a while ago, at first I thought "let's go with blue," which is one of the new nail polishes I got recently and its called Spirit Of Truth from MAC. So after doing a coat of the navy blue on both hands, I thought it looked kinda plain so I added polka dots to make it look more nautical. I just used a Q-tip and dipped the tip of it in the nail polish and carefully made dots on my nails. Make sure you have enough nail polish on the Q-tip, you want the dots to be equally as white as the others.

And just clean up the messy bits with another Q-tip :D voila, polka dotted nails. And you can do any other colour duo that pleases your taste.

Be back on Friday with an OOTW post [outfits of the week] ~


  1. so cute!! i am usually too lazy/sloppy to attempt nail art but these seems easy enough that i might actually give it a go!



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