Sep 14, 2012

let's keep on going

Hiiii everyone, I've had an exhausting week, but I was able to record my OOTD for each day of the week (Y). Enjoy!


It was actually quite cold on Monday but as it came to the afternoon the weather cleared up and there was some sun at least. So I'm wearing the circle scarf I made, and it matches my bag and striped cardigan, grey skinnies with a studded belt, and a white tank. I think I wore grey sneakers as well.


It was super hot on Tuesday, I wore a white v-neck, the floral print shorts that I made and black stockings and ballet flats. I don't know why I look super happy.. haha.


I obviously took my time in the morning while choosing this particular outfit. It was also another sunny day and I wore a lot of black clothing so to contrast that I put on a beige blazer. I wore my floral bralette [super comfortable], black high waisted shorts and stockings, and my 'oxford' like shoes. And just to make the look "cute" I wore a polka dot red and black bow headband.


I really hate how horrible the quality for these pictures are. Anyway, another hot day; I wore my dip hem striped top, my DIY cut off beige shorts, black stockings and black flats [though in the picture I was wearing heels]. And a white floral bow headband.


I actually woke up late today and still arrived half an hour early for class.. I swear I get to school faster when I'm in a rush. The weather today was cold, windy and rainy. I was not prepared for that. I wore this white bow print top, my grey skinnies with my floral print flats and a red bow headband. As I was coming home from school, it was freezing, luckily my friend let me borrow her cardigan so I wouldn't get sick :] so sweet.

Anyway this weekend I'll be crammed with homework, hopefully I'll do a post Sunday night. Ooh yeah I've also made a weheartit, Twitter, Pinterest and LookSoup [which is like a cross between weheartit and but specifically for blogs/bloggers]. Please feel free to check them out, the links are posted in the right side panel under my "my.Likes" section. Thanks :D

till next time~


  1. look at that dedication! i especially like outfits #2 and #3 something so sweet and girly about it :) thanks for the comment - it made me smile a lot betty. my background? not sure exactly what you mean but i'm chinese and majored in neuroscience in undergrad and now a first year med student :D that should cover it! hope to see a lot more of your style~

    pandaphilia style

  2. Cute outfits and you have great style


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