Sep 28, 2012

over and over and over

Hii everyone, TGIF :D
So according to my sister a new Forever 21 has a grand opening tomorrow at Markville Mall in Markham. Woo I am soooooo going to that, can't wait (Y)
Anyway another edition of the OOTW for this week, and it's also Nuit Blanche tomorrow night from 7pm-7am.. unfortunately I can't go, it's my sister's birthday on Sunday so obviously we're going out for dinner. But that's cool, I've got a lot of years ahead of me to attend at least once :]

Monday was a bit cold but warm enough to at least wear stockings. I'm really loving this red plaid double breasted coat that I have, I got it from my aunt a few years back.

Tuesday I had just one class and I wore a lot of black that day.. lol don't know why but gave a pop of colour with the purple stockings and flats.

Wednesday is this week's favourite outfit. I've had this black blazer with a lace cut out at the back, and this is the first time I've ever worn it. I guess I was just waiting for an outfit worthy of it, and I think it looks good. Haha so despite the sun on Wednesday, it was actually windy and while I was on my way home I was freezing... not a great idea to wear shorts and something with a cut out haha. Ooh and my 9:50 morning class was cancelled and my next class was at 1:30.. so I went to pmall with some friends. And obviously we got food (Y)

Thursday is the day where I have a 4hr break... lol so freaking long. Went to the mall and tried on some grey suede wedges from Urban Planet. They're so pretty. I didn't get them but I ended up buying some more stockings/tights which was 3 for $10!! I can't wait to wear them hehe.

My only 3hr class today was cancelled and I found out when I got to school.. man why don't teachers send out emails instead of posting a note on the door... ughh anyway this was my outfit for about 2 hrs of the day :] I've been using this bag a lot since I've been sharing a locker with my friend at school. So convenient ^^

And a while back, I got a Hello Kitty wallet. I thought it was so girly and cute.. I had to get it. Hahah not like me to be carrying a Hello Kitty wallet but it's adorable and small, and not to mention it was on sale:

Well that was a picture-heavy post for one day :] I'll be posting during the weekend. 

Have a great one~

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