Oct 2, 2012

bits and bites

Look how beautiful the trees are :D it's the second day of October and it was like 20 degrees out today. Anyway I'll be doing another sewing post today, hehe these projects are like a few weeks old but I only got around to posting it now.

So first up is another circle scarf, I really liked the colour of the fabric and the trim was pompoms, who could resist? I found this in the 'scraps' pile at Fabricland and it was like $2? So I thought why not.

Next is another detachable collar, I just used some left over black fabric that I had lying around. The first one I made was a peter pan collar which I gave to Yvette ^^ she was happy. These are quite easy to make if you have a pattern, and I used a hook and eye for the closure. I just paired it with a sleeveless burgundy tank and some high waist shorts; super simple.

Anyway till Friday for the OOTW, enjoy~

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