Oct 23, 2012

one of a kind

Hi again, so I decided to do a 2 in 1 post today. Including yesterday and today's activities. Yesterday I went to Party City with my dad, he really likes Halloween and wanted some masks for when the kids in our neighborhood come by for trick or treating. Unfortunately we didn't buy anything but I did try on a sailor and police hat (Y) And I wore my wedges today, they're really comfortable and wedges are just more comfortable then heels in general.

As for today, I just did a few errands and bought some things I needed from the dollar store. Haha honestly I love shopping at any dollar store, I like buying stationary, pens, stickers, tape, DIY crafts etc. I got 2 pairs of cute leg warmers; they're black and white with polka dots. And I needed to buy more straight pins, they keep disappearing :/ and for lunch my dad made pork curry with potatoes.. yummy :] Lol and my dad was able to find some masks, I think masks from the dollar store are scarier and creepier then the one's you get at Party City or Party Packagers. Only because it's not from a movie, so its totally made up and completely new.

*shudders* creepy right?

Can't wait till Halloween, don't know what I'm dressing up as yet but I'll think of something. 

till next time~

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