Oct 28, 2012

puddles all around

Happy Sunday everyone, the weather's been quite crappy over here.. it's been raining for the past few days D: But despite that, I've been at home and enjoying my reading/study week. I saw quite a few movies over the week; Ip Man, Ip Man 2, The Legend is Born: Ip Man, Young Bruce Lee/My Brother, Bruce Lee, When In Rome, Ring 2, Paranormal Activity, Shutter Island, Easy A and Julie and Julia. Last week I saw The Time Traveler's Wife, The Perfect Man, and something else which I forget... ughh horrible memory at the age of 19 :/ Well here's part 2 of last week's OOTW:

Haha I think Wednesday was the start of this downpour of rain. And to think I wore my wedges to school.. yeah I went to school because I had to sew something for homework using the school's sewing machines. A lot of my friend's were like wow you look so different today.. haha it was the heels. Another friend said "you look so simple and normal, you should dress like this for school" I laughed and thought this is simple but heels for school? No thanks :] So I'm just wearing a grey tank tucked into my jeans with a brown skinny belt and a oversized plaid shirt with of course my suede wedges.

And for Thursday I actually went downtown to buy some more muslin for school. And I saw some friends as well, too bad I wasn't able to take a picture of my outfit.. it was so business looking. My friend was actually like "why do you look so business casual?" haha funny.

But here's Friday's OOTD:

On Friday I went to a veggie South Indian Buffet for lunch with my dad. I wore my jean jacket, floral printed stripe shirt, grey leggings and navy ballet flats along with my brown envelope clutch. The weather was quite nice in the afternoon but as it got to 5pm it got really cold and windy :/ crappy weather for a Friday. 

Anyway that's about it for my weekend. I didn't do as much work as I planned but I'll catch up (Y)

happy Halloween week~

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  1. Cool pics! you look lovely.



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