Oct 21, 2012


Hey guys, so I was a few days late for my usual  Friday OOTW post and I didn't take a picture for Thursday and Friday [late nights at school] but I'm gonna make it up by doing it now and I did some shopping today so I'll be showing those purchases as well. Here's the OOTW:

Very causal and simple, white v-neck, high waist shorts, black booties and my purple skull print scarf. It was quite windy on Monday and I really should have brought an umbrella, it was raining while I was on my way home.

Not too sure why the first picture is so blurry/misty. Anyway another simple look, and haha I'm actually wearing jeans. One of my friends were like "I didn't even recognize you because you never wear jeans" I found it really funny. Anyway just a striped cardigan, white v-neck, circle scarf and my suede tan booties.

This is the first time I've worn this cardigan/bolero thing. I've found 2 ways to wear it and .. right side up and upside down. I honestly think it looks better worn upside down.. and seriously you can't even tell the difference :D I was really lazy on Wednesday and just wore a black v-neck, leggings, that striped cardigan, suede booties and my leather jacket. But look how pretty it was on Wednesday.

And like I said Thursday and Friday's outfits were not documented due to late nights at school. Though I was able to do my nails (Y) I used MAC's Coffee Break

And on Friday I had a fitting for a pair of shorts I made for my pattern making class. I got an A on it. And I've yet to make it in actual fabric, seeing as it's now in muslin. It has 4 pleats in the front and back, and a 'collar' type design that is functional, pockets at the side seam and an invisible zipper [which was optional to put in for the fitting]. I really liked how it turned out and it's just so cute!

And last but not least, today's OOTD and purchases. I got 2 pairs of shoes, one from Payless about $10 and the other from Urban Behaviour $30. 

These were on sale for $12 but I had a Payless coupon for 20% off the total purchase. I really like them and they're my first open toe pair of shoes.

And I got these brown suede lace up wedges for $30, I know they're a bit more expensive then the above pair of shoes that I got for $10 but I really wanted a pair of wedges that were lace up. 

Wow, that was a long post of pictures :D

Hehe well I get this week off since it's my reading/study week. Hope everyone's doing well and I'll try to post during my week off. Too much homework ahead.. I can feel it.

till then~


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  2. Hehe your fingers look like they've been dipped in chocolate and I love the lace up wedges and your coat. Soooo cute <3


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