Oct 5, 2012

trivial matters

This week has been pretty busy.. so fair warning, there are A LOT of picture for this post. Anyway it was my 19th birthday on Wednesday and I had a long day at school.. haha but it was fun. I had 3 cakes, lotta hugs, cards and amazing friends who wished me happy birthday :]
Well enjoy this week's OOTW:

Yay I wore my lace/crochet trim shorts :D I kinda felt like wearing all black with these shorts; it kind of contrasts with the girly-ness of the shorts. It was actually a bit cold/windy, and I went out for dinner with a friend to celebrate my birthday. We went to Congee Queen, I've only been there 2 times now including this day and it is still as good as I remember it.

Haha I found it funny that I was dressed more warmer on Tuesday then on Monday.. because it was quite sunny and hot. Ughh Fall weather is never consistent. As for my outfit I wore my sleeveless burgundy/oxblood blouse [which I should have worn with my collar], a beige blazer, leggings and flats. And since I ended class early, my friend wanted to take me out to a birthday lunch.


Haha looks like a lot of random pictures. Well this was my birthday, I probably should have done a separate post for this.. oh well. Anyway as you can see in the 3rd picture, my friends got me 2 cakes, one was red velvet and the other was chocolate, they were so mini and cute! And they got me a ribbon that said "birthday girl" haha I had to wear it the whole day. For my outfit I just wore the reconstructed floral dress that I altered in the summer, a jean jacket, tights and flats. The 'wings' on my sneakers were a present from my friends Eddie and Andy as well as the 'Walls' book in the picture below.  And my birthday cake when I got home.

This was another long day, went home around 7pm. I just remember wanting to go home so badly and I was really tired. I wore my striped cardigan, a yellow tank, high waist shorts, tights and flats.

I had a 4hr class today with one 20 minute break... I wanted it to end quickly. Luckily enough I was home by 1pm and had spaghetti for lunch. Yummy. Hehe well today's outfit was quite simple but I think it is my favourite outfit of the week. I wore my printed long blue cardigan, a Fifi Lapin long-tee  [from Korea], shorts, tights and my teal sneakers. The outfit today is very cool toned; greens, blues and teals. I really liked it and my bag just looks so good together with the rest of the outfit. I had a hard time debating which my favourite outfit was for this week, it was between Tuesday, Wednesday or today. Having to debate between 2 different outfits is a good thing (Y).


Before ending, I just wanted to make a quick announcement, I've just been informed of this up and coming new site called Brand+Me. It gives bloggers an opportunity to become an ambassador for your favourite brands. Some perks of being an ambassador are: FREE clothes to review on your blog, exclusive offers from your favourite brands, blog sponsorship from your favourite brands and more. Sign up today and join the invite list (Y) -------> Brand+Me

Well that's it for this week, I hope everyone has a lovely long weekend and Happy Thanksgiving. I'll probably post during the weekend ^^

till next time~


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  2. Awesome looks! I love your Tuesday look!
    I am now following your blog! Consider visiting my blog anytime.

    xx, Martha

  3. Tuesday is good! like your blazer.



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