Nov 5, 2012

never again

So last week was quite hectic.. hence me not posting on the usual Friday. Well I'm just gonna do the usual posting :]

Wednesday was Halloween, and I dressed up as a doll.. though I don't look like one cause I wiped off my make- up. And this was the dress I made last semester ^^ 

So these are the shorts I made a few weeks back, and yeah I'm wearing them even though they're just a 'prototype' or as my dad likes to call it a "blueprint". 

And this is the jacket I made with the shorts. Also another 'prototype'. It has gathers around the waist, the closure is going to be a zipper, there are single jet pockets on the sides, and a high mandarin collar.

I really really really love the end results for both and I hope the look just as good when I make it in actual fabric (Y)

*sighs* I'm glad I have a trip tomorrow, we're going to a store downtown called Peach Berserk, we're working on screen printing :D

till friday~

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  1. Cool looks! my fave one is Tuesday!..



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