Nov 26, 2012


OMG I really don't like being behind on posts, or even to the point where I have to post on Monday of the following week... Ughh :/ anyway I'll forget about that and just post. Here is last week's OOTW:

Haha obviously I finished my shorts on Monday. I had like one class and I think it was cancelled... I'm not too sure because my memory sucks. But this is it :D and my OOTD for the day was a knit grey top with a lace neckline, black high waist shorts, tights, thigh high socks and my tan/grey suede booties.. ooh and my nordic print hair bow which I love dearly.

Anyone else remember that super foggy day last week? I sure do. My friends came to pick me up in the morning because they needed my help and they live in like Brampton. Anyway they came around 7am and we passed by Pmall and all we could see was fog and trees [picture above] can you believe it?! It was honestly that foggy. Wednesday was also not a great day for me; my teacher marked my shorts and I got a 75%... I bawled my eyes out crying. It's not that I'm angry with my mark, its what I could have done to make it at least an 80%.. in other words I knew what I did wrong and I could have fixed it :( shame on me. But I was back to normal after seeing the posters that were being sold in the cafeteria, lol weird.. I know.

Ohh haha I remember Thursday, I had so much trouble trying to pick an outfit that morning. I decided to go with black and white and ended up getting asked if I was doing some sort of presentation because I looked "dressed up." Though during school my shirt was tucked in, not tied (Y).

For some reason my other picture for Friday won't load... anyway I decided to go with something simple and for the season, grey skinnies, white tank and burgundy cardigan with a copper/orange-y trim.

Saturday and Sunday was spent at the mall. A lot of Christmas/holiday decorations were displayed and the lights just lit up the place; I love Christmas time.

Again, sorry for the late post... :/ not going to guarantee anything this time lol

-till next time~ take care

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  1. Great style! Love it! Wednesday is probably my favorite outfit, so cute and cozy!



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