Nov 17, 2012

the only one

Hi everyone, so I'm late by one day... not too bad right? Haha anyway this week has been okay, I guess. Here's this week's OOTW:

So Monday's class was canceled, and I just went out with my dad. I feel like a lot of classes has been canceled this semester :/ not good. I just wore my long grey cardigan, print tee, star print scarf, leggings and booties

Hah so Tuesday we had the 2nd part of our field trip and we did some silk screen printing. It was a lot of fun, I printed this design on 2 shirts and yes I drew it (Y). Haha I love bows.

Wednesday I finished my tank top for my knitwear class. Pretty right? Haha I think I did a fairly good job. But it was really hard to sew since the fabric kept curling.

Yesterday's class was canceled again :/ So I just spent my day working on my shorts and I wore my black circle skirt with a brown skinny belt, bow print shirt and tights and ballet flats. And lol I took a picture of the poutine I had for lunch. It's sooo good. And only $3 something. I've been eating it a lot... haha there goes my weight.

And I went to the library at school.. well just cause I wanted to.

Well that's it for last week and tomorrow I'm volunteering for the Santa Claus Parade with my friend ^^ I'm helping with alterations, it's for my field placement hours for school, we need 70hrs by the time we graduate. I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow (Y) Its gonna be a lot of fun.

~till then, take care

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