Dec 16, 2012

winter break!

Wow I'm finally done with exams and honestly I feel so liberated. It feels nice to actually sleep in for once and not have to wake up so early. Though since I was so busy during the last 2 weeks, I haven't been able to do any posts. So here's a compilation from the 3rd to the present:

Hahah my face looked funny in the last pic, so I made it look even funnier. 

Lol if my friend ever saw these pics of him, he'd.. well I don't know how he'll react but I left his face unknown. So here's a dress I made for my knitwear class.. and I don't mean actually knitting, but dealing with fabrics with stretch in them (Y).

So here's the jacket I made from like maybe 3 weeks ago? It's in actual fabric now and I'm really proud of how it turned out :D and it fits me!

Yes I am aware that there are 2 pics for Thursday, one was from the 6th and the other from the 13th. This was the day I had my last exam. It was for my Cultural Anthropology class and I thought I did okay. After that in the evening, I attended my high school's Christmas concert and the went to mcds after.

And Friday.. I just went to Kat's place and celebrated another friend's birthday, and we watched a lot of Christmas movies and cried... lol it was really fun though (Y).

Well tomorrow I'm headed DT with Yvette and Cathleen :D gonna be fun, haven't seen them since Summer?

till next post.. which will hopefully be frequent and not weekly ^^

take care~

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