Jan 8, 2013

remember when I said...

Hii guys, it's been a while :] but I'm back and ready to make a new post. Yesterday was the first day back to school and it felt like a long day since I ended at 5 but I like my elective class, it's called Intro To Film Studies... and yes we watch movies in class :P Plus I have Tuesday's off, which is why I'm making a post (Y). 

So last Friday I spent the day out with Yvette, we walked around Pmall then went for dinner later at City Hollywood. Here's some pictures from that night:

The food looks good right? Haha well the rest of this post is dedicated to shopping, or well I've been doing some shopping. These purchases are a compilation of Christmas, Boxing Day and Birthday gifts/sprees. But before that, just a few pictures of my new year's nails (Y)

(MAC Spirit of Truth & OPI)

Ughh I know they're chipping already, I'm considering changing colours today.

And a really good friend of mine, Daryl, got me a prepaid card for my birthday ^^ I was so not expecting anything like this but I am very grateful and I spent most of it when I went shopping with him on Sunday. Thanks Daryl :)

Time for the haul :D so like I said above, it's a compilation of different days I went shopping. But following the garment is a picture of me wearing the item of clothing, enjoy:

(Blue Peplum Tank- $5 Urban Planet)

(Striped Long Sweater- $6 Urban Planet)

(Cream 'Bow' Print Cardigan- Present from Kat Forever 21)

(Black/Gold Cardigan- $20 Old Navy)

(Long Grey Contrast Elbow Patch Cardigan- $5 Urban Planet)

(Hi-Low Floral Print Dress- $10 H&M)

(Long Deep Green Jacket- $23.99 Forever 21)

(Hooded Toggle Coat Maroon- $12 Urban Planet)

(Black Sequined Flats- $9.99 Old Navy)

(Brown Moccasins- $9 Wal Mart)

(Patent Beige Shoulder Bag- $10 H&M)

Yay shopping :D Hopefully this is all the shopping I'll be doing for a while. I'm trying to save my money (Y). And I don't think I'll be doing my OOTW [Outfits of the Week] posts for a while. Last semester when I first tried it, it was going well for the first few weeks of school then chaos happened as the semester carried on and it was difficult to continue. So I think I'll just be doing 1 outfit post per week, or if I'm really up for it 2 and that depends if I really like my outfit for the day :P 

Well I hope you all enjoyed this 'update' post. And can't wait for the next one!

take care~

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  1. You're so pretty and I love your style!


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