Feb 12, 2013

a day to spare

Haha turns out I repeated my CNY outfit #2 yesterday. I really like that top, I actually got it when I was visiting HK 2 summers ago. 

Anyway today I spent my day doing homework.. a lot of photoshop and illustrator related stuff. But after finishing all of it I decided to paint my nails. The colours are Valentine's day inspired :) I tried to do a design of some sort but I failed miserably and just went with something simple.

(left to right: MAC- Vestral White, Frost Much Adored, Impassioned)

As well Lent is tomorrow and I'm giving up meat D: I know, it's going to be difficult. For those who don't know what Lent is, it is a period of 40 days [excluding weekends] where one would fast from a certain thing. Whether it be food, television, bad habits etc. It reminds us of the time Jesus spent in the desert for 40 days. My dad is also giving up meat so at least he's with me :)

Anyway tomorrow begins my journey of being meat-free for 40 days, wish me luck (Y)

take care~

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