Feb 5, 2013

Archie's Girls

Another Tuesday off and it was well spent :] In the morning I did a few errands with my dad and finished up homework that's due tomorrow. A lot of my homework includes the use of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, which I was successfully able to download [cracked] and am using it happily.

This is the jacket I'm planning to make this semester :] I can't wait till I start drafting the pattern then sewing it up in muslin then in my actual fabric. Oh and I've been knitting for class.. lol my small sample above.

So yesterday I got a phone call from a very excited Katherine, she had a plus one and invited me to the opening of MAC's new line/collection, which is called Archie's Girls. There was a huge line up outside the store in STC and we were waiting for about half an hour.

(Hehe Archie himself ^^)

Although I didn't actually buy anything, I did try on this one lipstick from the Veronica line called Ronnie Red, it's very similar to the lipstick I have from MAC called Glam. But Kat bought a lipstick from the Veronica line called Daddy's Little Girl, it looks really good on her. It was a really grand event, they had waiters serving appetizers and alcoholic drinks.. it was so cute. They even had the model as Archie coming in to take pictures with the customers. I'm very happy that Kat invited me ^^ 

Haha the store was actually closed today for this event, only those with an invitation were allowed inside. And here's some souvenirs from today, which of course were free:

:D I wasn't that big of an Archie fan growing up, but I did read some of the comics. And now onto my OOTD, I wore a cropped sweater with a sleeveless light blue top underneath, paired with black skinnies and my new boots. And I attempted to fishtail braid my hair, actually kinda worked out (Y).

(This is the lipstick I tried on, Ronnie Red- MAC)

Well that's all for today, I had a really fun night. Thanks Kat :)

take care~

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  1. Wow, can't wait to see the blazer you are making in class! And I love your ootd, especially the croppped sweater!



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