Feb 24, 2013

time for a break

So this week is actually my study week/reading week. Unlike other universities, mine starts this week; why? I don't know. Haha. Anyway I've been quite absent from my blog for a while but I'm back with some updates.

This is my coordinating bottom that goes along with my tailored blazer/jacket. It's going to be grey with contrasting inverted box pleats panel with blue plaid. I still need to do some corrections to my pattern and do another fitting. The picture with showing the three dress forms are my dress along with Rachel's dress [first] and Hala's high waisted skirt [third]. And being at school a lot and it being roll up the rim season at Tim Horton's, I've been buying a lot of french vanilla. Out of 3 times I've won twice, one free donut and one free coffe/latte.

On Friday night, I went to dinner with Yvette and Daniel. Since I couldn't eat meat, I got fish. It looked and tasted soo good (Y) I'm really glad I got it and it was pretty cheap. Later we went to Destiny's for dessert; we shared vanilla and assorted fruit crepe.

Tried on this tribal print cut out dress from Urban Planet, there were two small triangular cut outs on the side and a big cut out from the back of the collar to the zipper opening. I tried on a size XS and it was a good fit, but the cut outs on the side were kinda weird. I mean, I didn't hate it but if I were to buy or make a dress with cut outs, it definitely wouldn't be on the side. I think it's kinda awkward, unless your super skinny. But overall it was a good dress and the price was $20.

So I got new glasses today haha, slightly bigger and thinner. My past two glasses have been Polo Ralph Lauren, while this one is Valentino. I like the shape and well black glasses always work for me so this was good.

Anyway that's about it for this week, I'll probably be spending most of my reading week at school :/ ... I know it's sad.

have a good night and take care~

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