Feb 9, 2013

what a weekend

So as a lot of Canadians and some Americans may know, yesterday was probably the worst winter storm we've had this year. I honestly didn't even think it was going to be this bad but wow.. I was wrong. Most Universities and Colleges were closed due to the storm, so I had the day off.. I spent it shoveling [3 times] and well I should have done some homework but I didn't :/ Anyway my window was covered with snow almost halfway up.. I could hardly see through it. But the weather was actually quite sunny today and most of the snow melted.. but there's still a huge pile outside our house.

And I impulsively decided to trim a few inches off my hair today. I probably cut off 2-3 inches? I don't really know, I wasn't measuring.. I was just eyeballing it haha. I swear, at first I'm sure it was uneven but after showering it was obvious at how uneven it was so I trimmed it to make it straight.

Ohh and tomorrow's Chinese New Year :) its the year of the snake.. which I'm not sure what it symbolizes but I wish everyone with good luck and fortune this new year. I'll try to do a post tomorrow as well (Y).

till then, take care~

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