Apr 22, 2013

enjoy every minute

FREEDOM!!!! I am finally done my second year of college. It honestly feels great and I am loving this 4 months off. But good news I got my first job (Y)(Y)Y) haha it's only for 2 months unfortunately but it's a start. I begin working in July and finish August. 

As well I got a new phone :DDDD Samsung Galaxy S3... yeah I know I've followed the herd. Should be getting a new phone case sometime soon.

So this will be my last post with pictures taken with my old Nokia phone. Any post after this will have better quality and maybe even posted from my phone.

Anyway, for now, here are some pictures/updates:

(cute suitcase)

My friend, Rachel and I at the 3rd year fashion show. It was a lot of fun, and it was her first fashion show. Hopefully next time we'll go to Toronto Fashion Week :D.

And this is the outfit I made for this semester, it had to be fully lined and of course had to include a blazer/jacket of some sort. And instead of pants, I made a dress. This jacket gave me the most problems and of course, a breakdown. It was not pretty but I had a lot of support and help from my friends. I honestly love the people in my program, they're so helpful and friendly.

(haha my hair looks awesome)

And today I went to Swiss Chalet with my brother, sister and dad. Here is my OOTD. The weather's been quite pleasant in the past few days and I am absolutely loving it. Also I just really am thankful for my dad, I am really happy with my new phone and haha my brother has the same phone as me, but he has the red version while mine is white. I will take care of this phone so well , *sighs* so grateful.

Anyway that's about it for this first update off school.

Be back with more, and on a daily basis ^^

take care~

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