May 30, 2013

The month of May

So Mother's Day was a few Sunday's ago and I decided to do something different and make my mom an apron :) Its probably the first thing I've sewn for her and she does wear an apron a lot so I thought it was the perfect gift.
I really underestimated how much fabric I needed and now have a lot left over. At least the print is cute. As well I didn't use a pattern for this, I just traced around an existing apron (Y) and I made/cut bias strips from the same fabric. My dad also suggested that I sew a pocket onto it, although I know my mom won't use it.

Every year since 2 years ago, I visit TCAF, Toronto Comic Arts Festival. I usually go with my friend Jaclyne but she wasn't in town that week so I went with another friend, Daryl. We didn't spend much time there but I did collect a few [free] things and I got something signed for Jaclyne. Here are some pictures I took of the place and how packed it was.

As usual, I like to window shop cause I'm too broke to buy clothes but that's okay because I have fun anyway. Here's 2 dresses I tried on at Sirens; they were both $10 and really cute. 

The first is a houndstooth print skater dress in blue. I really liked the fit and it was a knit so I think this would look good on anyone. As well it came with a bow belt, which I thought was a nice touch for a $10 dress.

The second is a lace racer back dress. It has a indigo blue lining, which is visible in the first picture. I thought it was a nice subtle touch for a pop of colour. This dress also came with a skinny black belt that I tied into a knot. I would've gotten this dress but it was a bit small in the bust area and my bra was visible from a side view. 

This next dress is one that I actually purchased. Its a very simple LBD with a few surprises. I got this at Suzy Shier for only $10, it is a high low cut dress with a sequined yoke at the front [also not visible in the picture] And it has an elastic waist, would also look good on anyone. I actually had to exchange it the first time because I got an XS and it was a but small in the armhole area so I went back and got a Small. I think this would look great with just any black heel or a nude heel. And adding a belt for colour.

This is just another OOTD. Beige long blazer with striped scoop neck top and my usual black shorts with a belt.

Another purchase from Urban Planet during Victoria Day. They had their buy 2 get one free promotion. I ended up getting 2 tanks while my sister got the other. So this first one is an cerulean blue tank with a tie front. The back also had a nice detail, being that the straps cross to make an X [and they're adjustable!] I really loved the colour and what drew me to get it was definitely the back. This was only $3.50 I believe. (Y) great finds right?

This next is a black crotchet lace racer back tank. Also from Urban Planet and same price, $3.50. I initially wasn't going to get this but another top instead. But as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to get it. I know it isn't really ideal to layer up in the summer but this is a really nice top to wear over a bandeau or even a swimsuit. There was one small problem with it though, and I only noticed once I got home. There was a rip in the neckline at the front of the tank. I was horrified that I didn't notice earlier, because I usually analyze the piece of clothing before buying so I can prevent things like this. So no need to fret, I just sewed it back and yay no more hole/rip. You can't really tell unless you look at it close up, but even in the picture, you can see it dip into a slight V, it should be more rounded out though. Nonetheless, it was a good purchase and a summer staple.

And a few more OOTD pictures, I've been wearing a lot of blue lately; whether it be navy blue or cerulean. I think it's a nice colour for the summer.

And of course, I did some reconstructing to a pair of shorts I had. So if you look at the picture above this one, you can see that the shorts were very long, they were almost knee length D: So I cut off about 5 inches and finished the hem with a half inch turn and turn. Funny thing about these shorts is that it had lining, which makes it a bit bulkier but not very noticeable. I had to cut that off too and do a 3/8 inch turn and turn. I absolutely loved how they turned out and I've already worn them out ^^.

And last but not least, fooood. I've been eating noodles a lot recently haha. The first one is made by me, with a packet of instant noodles, with a sunny side up egg, some pork and dried green onions for garnish. The second one is made by my mom. These noodles are a bit wider but very light. She added some beef [usually used for hot pot] and some green onions. Yum!

As for today, I'm just sitting outside in the backyard on my laptop enjoying the [blazing hot] weather. And I did some laundry earlier (Y) Hmm June is just around the corner and I have my camp training coming up as well. And the summer project I have is going okay, I wish I had more determination to work on it but I know it'll be done in time.

Okay well that's about it for updates.

take care and enjoy summer~

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