Sep 3, 2013

a good way to end it

Whoa, so first day of school and it actually wasn't that bad, well I only had one out of 5 classes this week so first day is always a breeze. Anyway I've spent the last week of August cramming in some friend time.

Enjoy the load of pictures from then :)

OOTD- skirt from Yve, black tank, white long cardigan and 'bow' printed tights

Baking w/ Yve

baking chocolate cake and brownies at Yve's place

gotta mix them ingredients

ingredients for brownies :D (not all of them lol)

hehe slight mess trying to transfer cocoa powder into measuring cup

tasted good (Y)

in the pan it goes 

snack time- salad, salmon and degrassi 

mmm I can already smell the brownie

CNE w/ my sis

on the way to CNE with my sis

food building

warehouse outlets

sand sculpture

clothing outlets

got two things from CNE sandals and a cropped bralette

late lunch at Ga Bin- Fish Katsu

my sis got Bulgogi- yum

sandals :D sz 5 1/2

DT with Yve

DT with Yve- Magnum's line was soo long, from there till Scotiabank

not worth the wait so we ended up at Dessert Lady

My pistachio ice cream and Yve's mango and strawberry sorbet/sherbert

chilling at Chapters

cute matching necklaces w/ Yve- Teapot and teacup

[mini] Shopping Haul

printed drawstring dress: Spoof $3.99

printed dress: Spoof $3.99

floral cropped bralette: Stitches [from CNE] $5 & elastic waist shorts: Spoof $3.99

floral bow back tank- Kind Exchange $12

back view- love the ties

striped crop tee- Urban Planet $7

breakfast bagel courtesy of my mom

CNE w/ Daryl

OOTD for CNE- floral cropped bralette, high-waist polka dot shorts w/belt, cardigan [cause it can get windy]

the drive there- pretty nice view

trying his luck- there's always next year :)

probably not the best idea but tried it anyway

got the krispy kreme donut burger- wasn't that bad but quite messy 

another pretty view

CNE entrance

inside the Direct Energy Building

selfie while waiting

military tank- so cool

blooming onion- did not finish it.. gg

another selfie hehe

car ride home w/ a headache- this is what it looked like without glasses

and first day of school OOTD- printed drawstring dress from earlier, black tights, long grey cardigan

Well that was pretty much my last week of August and my first day back to school. I really enjoyed my summer this year and it's the last summer of my teen years D: whatever, we gotta grow up anyway. 

Back to school and I'm not really feeling it just yet, maybe it's because it's my last year or who knows, maybe I'm just lazy to work. We'll see how the semester goes, right now all I'm looking forward to is study week which is mid October. I'm sure I'll survive (Y).

I think that about wraps it up. I'll try to post more often, I feel like I do during the school year more than the summer, which I find super odd. I think the reason is cause I'm lazy to do my work, so I'd rather blog... hmm makes sense right? Haha

till next post, take care~

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