Sep 4, 2013

short and sweet

So of course I should be doing my homework right now but am making another blog post instead (Y) I was going through my previous posts and decided that I'm going to bring back the OOTW aka outfits of the week. What I did was take a picture of my outfit for the day for 5 days and upload them onto a post usually every weekend. But since I have Friday's off this semester I might do the post every Friday, then again it depends. I usually stop around winter-time because it gets darker outside quicker so there's no good lighting for me to take pictures, plus room lighting absolutely sucks. As well I thought 'what a weird/odd reason for me to stop' so I'm going to try and bring it back starting next week (Y). 

Anyway here's a random picture of me trying to go about organizing my shoes for fall, most of which are flats:

take care and I'll be back with next week's OOTW~

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