Apr 18, 2014

that's a wrap!

This is a bit unreal. For most of my life so far, I've been going to school and now that I'm finally done, it actually doesn't feel too weird just yet. I really think it'll hit me after the first two months or when I graduate or when September comes around... haha. 

Anyway, here's some recap of schoool.

I won two bursary awards (Y) 

Had to go shoe shopping for my models, ended up getting the first pair. Ahh poor wallet.

Cleaned out my locker of 3 years :) It was a good locker haha

lol me, with a odd looking face, saying bye to the locker

Haha and the clean-up begins at home

so much fabric and stuff

I think this was me almost done cleaning

Decided to write some Thank You cards for my teachers :)

Very simple but thoughtful

That one time I curled my hair and it wasn't for the fashion show


My lovely line up of models

haha me standing with my poster, all smiles and whatnot

So much sushi for the Industry Show


'Draw me like one of your French girls'

Classmates poster and display

Backstage; madness!

Designer with models [one was missing]

Here we all are !! Lovely girls and great show

Post fashion show pot luck... there was a lot of food left over haha

Pretty view from friend's appt.

Bridal Show @ Direct Energy Center: Saturday and Sunday of 12th/13th

Just an FYI I was just volunteering with the bridal fashion show.. haha a bit too early for this stage in my life.

Well those were my last days of school and my weekend. I think its going to be weird now that I'm not in school any more. But I think it will also be a nice feeling of not having homework :) although I will definitely miss my friends, most of which are moving back home.

A new chapter of my life begins and I really hope to blog more often, and I even want to start making YouTube videos too.... a girl can dream, and this girl will keep on dreaming.

*sighs* let summer vacation start and by that, bring on the sun!

~till next post, take care

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