Sep 4, 2014

an ode to summer

Like always its been a while since my last outfit post. Today was scorching hot with a high of 25+ degrees so I thought I'd actually go out [and face the heat] to do a little photo-shoot. 

This is the first time I have gone out to do photos because there's usually an empty/blank wall somewhere in my room to take photos, but not anymore. It was actually really nice being able to shoot outside and at first it was kinda odd but after the first few shots, I got use to the camera. 

I guess this post is kinda like my 'remembering summer' post since I'm not sure how many more hot days we will be having since Fall is right around the corner. 

Anyway, I kept it really simple with just a crop top, a maxi skirt and some comfortable sneakers. 

Let's get into the photos :) 

I wanted to make this outfit look more laid back so I wore sneakers and tied up the sides of my skirt. Plus I didn't want it dragging on the ground while I was taking photos.

floral crop: Stitches
maxi skirt: Stitches

backpack: vintage
headband: some Chinese dollar store
shoes: Little Burgundy


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