Nov 27, 2011


One of the few outfit posts for this year... so sad, if only I had time to actually take pictures of what to I'm wearing for the day, but not much people [friends] know that I even have a blog so it's not like I can ask people to snap a pic of what I'm wearing. Ahh anyway, I've been wearing this necklace a lot, this heart charm was from another necklace but I thought it'd look better on a this chain. And my hair is [slowly] growing long enough that I can tie it in a ponytail.. haha a very short one. But it's kinda weird cause my hair usually grows pretty fast but this time it's taking quite long, maybe cause it was cut really short which I'm not use to but I wanted to so well patience is my best friend right now :P Hmm what else is going on with me... well I finish exams by the 15th of December and start school again on the 9th of January so I technically get a month of school off (Y) haha so happy, gonna spend it well and sleep lots. Oh yeah and my dad left for HK on Friday, he'll be back on the 4th, kinda lonely without him at home, can't wait till he gets back though :) Mmm ok well school tomorrow, gotta wake up 6:30... not looking forward to English on Monday morning.

Nov 25, 2011

small things

Just a few things in my room I could not do without: nail polish [above, Light Affair from MAC], my nails feel so bare without any; oh my gosh my phone is my life... as sad as that sounds it's true, oh well; haha my compilation of bags, as well as my sister's, gotta have something to carry my crap in; necklaces as well as my nails, it would feel bare without anything around my neck; and last but not least my keys.. though I only have it to my house, I don't have a car yet haha.

Nov 9, 2011

last week

It was Halloween last week and I didn't really dress up or anything.. until it was 6:30pm and kids were ringing my doorbell... I ran upstairs and put on my costume that I wore last year, I was Little Red Riding Hood :D haha it was so funny cause me and my sister were rushing to put our costume on and get candy in a bowl (Y) And then on the following Friday it was my friend's 18th birthday, happy belated Cathleen <3 but she had the party on Saturday and that was the cake, it tasted amazing and I love the cheesecake mmmmmm. Yeah last week was kinda hectic, but seriously the semester is almost over and I can't wait till Christmas :D I love Christmas time ^^