Apr 24, 2011

long weekend

Happy Easter Everyone :D

Because of the Easter Weekend we get a 4 day long weekend (Y) and I've spent it doing my design assignment. We have to make a house or building that's 'green' lol meaning solar panels, plants and lots of windows. And 95% of it is made out of white foam board, I want a pool in the backyard lol... it's taking the whole week to finish but it's looking good now. And I find it so cute that both my mom and dad are helping me with this assignment ^^ they're amazing. And I'll take pictures of it when it's completed ^^ and eww the picture above is so dull @ - @ I was too lazy to up the brightness on it. I painted those using water colour pencil crayons, which totally work :) I couldn't find a picture that was mine related to Easter, so fruits will have to do for now :P and the weather has been feeling more Spring-like and is gradually getting warmer (Y) 

Tomorrow I'll be spending the day finishing this house and working on my [crapload of] English... so much to do and I just had to procrastinate T - T and maybe I'll throw in some time with my sewing machine and college stuff. 

Ahh I wanted to do an outfit post today but I didn't take pictures of my outfit @ - @ *sighs* things don't go the way I plan it...

Apr 16, 2011

go green

So today a bunch of us and our teacher [12 to be exact] attended the 5th Annual Green Living Show. It was pretty fun but the travel time to get there was like an hour and a half, and getting back was like 2 hours o - o but it was pretty worth it, and I got in for free for bringing in 1 piece of electronic waste, courtesy of Samsung, they recycled the goods. Yeah we spent like 3-4 hours there? I think it was that much time. After trying so many free samples of food we kinda got tired of walking around and stuff. But really it was worth it, and as usual I collected/gathered a lot of business cards and pamphlets [2nd and 3rd picture from the bottom] and got some free samples of shampoo and hand cream from The Body Shop, and I got a free David Suzuki button (Y). And the ticket for the show was so cute and small, they called it an E-Waste ticket [2nd picture].. very clever :D and omg there was this one booth that had organic yogurt and the flavours were lemon and coffee, of course I got the coffee and let me tell you it was amazing... I would've gotten seconds but I didn't want to be greedy, but it was really good. It was one of those bottom cups, where the flavour is at the bottom and the yogurt is at the top and you have to mix it, though I know people who just eat the top then bottom. And lots of free samples of cheese :D and lots of organic fruits and veggies. There was also this one exhibit for cars.. but not just any cars, hybrid cars (Y) I sat in a lot of them :P I just wish I took more pictures @ - @ the battery for my camera died before I could take a picture.. I forgot to charge it but I took some with my phone :) 

well just watching some movies that are on tv, was watching The Day After Tomorrow and now Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and just found out that Music and Lyrics is on as well.. anyways that's it for today, fun day ^^

Apr 14, 2011


*none of these photos are mine, they belong to www.modcloth.com*

All of these are from ModCloth, they have a combination of vintage and retro indie clothing. This week has been pretty busy for me so looking at their stuff makes me feel a bit better. And I need a new wallet, mine is breaking Q - Q the wallets above are soo adorable and cute :D and I have robot earrings which I got as a birthday present from Cathleen ^^ When summer comes around I want more hats, like the one above... anything with a bow on it technically makes me happy :P and I love the colour wheel necklace. 

Yeah so today I had and English test and tomorrow I have another English test, and I'm pretty sure I failed today's test, left some questions blank T - T i just hope tomorrow goes better.. than the weekend (Y) going to the Green Living Show [Direct Energy Center/CNE] with a bunch of friends. It's going to be super amazing haha. 

Okay well should get through the day tomorrow, gahh English o - o

Apr 8, 2011

happy brithday :D

So today is my dad's birthday and I just really wanted to thank him for putting up with me and my siblings, he's been so great with us and just wants us to be happy. And all I want for him is to be happy as well. He's amazing and I love him -heart- We went out for his birthday to a noodle house, and then came back home to eat cake :D lol and earlier in the day our design class went on a trip to visit the Art Gallery of Ontario aka AGO and then we went to Ryerson to see their annual Mass Exodus Fashion Show. It was a fun filled day with many things to do and pictures (Y). Tomorrow I'm going out to buy my fabric for my prom dress, I'm going to start tomorrow and try to work the whole day, wish me luck (Y). And I'll post up pictures tomorrow, cause I am just super tired right now and want to go to sleep. But uber excited to start making my dress :D

Apr 7, 2011




Apr 5, 2011


^ First of all, no I did not cut my hair ^^ that is what I would look like if I did cut my hair that short, can you believe that the rest of it is covered by my scarf? yeah I was surprised too :P I think if I had short hair, it'd take a while to get use to since I've had long hair for quite some time... though when summer comes along my mom will tell me to cut it again. Anyways I've been wanting to make a new header/banner for my blog, this one has been up since the beginning. But who knows when I have the time o - o 

Life right now is okay, I mean gotta maintain that 80%+ average and keep working at things... oh man prom... I'm going to be making my dress ^^ super excited and not sure of the colour yet, debating on red or blue... but it's going to be a halter bubble dress :)

ahh ok well got a music test tomorrow and dad's birthday on Friday :D 

till then...

Apr 3, 2011

already monday

So today my friend Jaclyne and I went to an art show downtown, it's called One of a Kind Art Show, it's their Spring show. It was at the exhibition place [aka CNE], and took 2 hours of busing/subway-ing there and back, but it was really fun. There were free samples of food [ranging from chocolate to spring rolls] and many many business cards were collected from the both of us (Y) We also bought things as well, I got my dad a birthday card since it's his birthday on Friday.. it's one of those humorous birthday cards and its cute, so it says "We decided to all chip in for your birthday." [open card] "This card is pretty great, huh?" we spent a good half an hour [or more] at that booth looking at all the cards and magnets ---> here's their site hugsandkiss|design pretty hilarious :d and there were many other booths that we enjoyed. I should have counted all the business cards that I collected :P and they also have a winter show as well, might go to that too. There's also one during the Victoria Day holiday and during the summer. Hopefully I won't be spending most of my summer days at home, gotta make the most of it before college starts. 

And my first 3 pictures above, it was the main display at One's in Market Village. It's Totoro ^^ sooo adorable and I showed Yvette the picture from my phone and she absolutely loves Totoro haha. And that last picture is my grad photo proofs, don't know which one's to choose yet @ - @

Can't believe the weekend's over, English test on Tuesday, keep working on scholarships and dad's birthday on Friday :D

ok I'm off...