Jan 23, 2012

Year of The Dragon

Happy Chinese New Year, Kung Hei Fat Choi! Ahh it was quite a busy weekend for me, and considering my no classes on Monday's this counts as my weekend. For the past 3 days my family actually ate dinner/lunch together, we usually don't because we all get home from work/school at different timings so it was nice once in a while. We had hot pot on Saturday [at home] and my gosh it was delicious :D I was quite full from all the beef (Y) and it has been snowing a lot and it was raining the whole day today... I can still hear the wind blowing from inside my bedroom D: that's how strong it is. Anyway aside the weather being crappy, being at home was nice. And ooh Ardene's was having a 70% off sale and I got some shoes 3/$10 (Y) I got a pair of black bow flats, brown oxford-like shoes and my sis got the other pair of shoes lol. Well I hope for a lucky and blessed new year to everyone ^^

Jan 16, 2012

colour blind

Weekends yay :D well technically today isn't a weekend but I get Monday's off (Y) And I spent it cleaning and doing homework and exercising, all of which is on my resolutions list hehe. Anyway so I recently found out that Tim Horton's us adding a new size in their coffee... an extra large cup D: omg that's quite big, I meant I don't drink a lot of coffee but is it even necessary? I usually just get a hot chocolate or french vanilla ^^ Oh well anyway on another topic it's been getting a lot colder here and I've been layering up so much D: sweaters, cardigans, shirts, t-shirts and for the bottom I've been wearing thick leggings under my jeans, or sometimes if I don't feel like jeans I'll wear double the leggings along with stockings. But I feel super warm when I'm walking home from the bus (Y) And yum for Crispers btw

Jan 12, 2012

good finds

It snowed in the morning while I was walking to the bus stop, and when I was on the way home it rained D: the weather changes frequently here. Anyway on Monday I had an hour class and went to Curry's to buy some supplies for school, afterwards I went to Market Village and found these cardigans that were 2 for $5, omg how cheap is that? So of course I got 2, both of them oversized of course.. a green and white striped, and a red one (Y) I like them a lot and soo cheap haha. And I'm sure that most of the OOTD's are going to be faceless pictures, only because it's easier to take it with my phone then having to set up the tripod with my camera. But if I have a good amount of time to do it then it'll be a full picture of the outfit :] Anyway tomorrow's Friday the 13th :/

Jan 11, 2012

new beginnings

Last week on January 2nd, I decided to cut my bangs.. why? I don't know, I wanted something different and I haven't had straight bangs since I was a kid. I was regretting it while I snipping them off, but a week later [now] and they're sorta growing on me... haha play on words :P But I find that the straight bangs look better when I'm wearing a hat, it'll soon grow out and then become side bangs haha. My hair is taking quite some time to grow now; I cut my hair short in late June-ish and it hasn't grown much since then, I thought by now it'd at least be a little longer then shoulder length... oh well good things take time (Y) And today's OOTD is quite bright, a mustard coloured cardigan along with a matching beanie, which I love btw :] and a mint green floral vest. I made a list of resolutions that I plan to stick with and one of them was fixing my sleep schedule.. I use to sleep at 3am D: and now I try to sleep before 1.. on a good day it's before 12am :P 

Anyway I think that 2012 is going to be another good year for me, and hopefully for everyone else as well ^^