Mar 2, 2013


Most of my meals have been looking like this... either rice or noodles of some sort, and a whole lotta veggies and fish.

This was a really crappy day, took me an hour and a half to get to school, and it usually takes 45mins. But it was sorta fun trekking through the snow; like a really cold adventure.

Went downtown today to do some fabric shopping, met up with my friend Daryl, and of course did some window shopping :D Though I'm obviously too broke to buy anything, but these were really pretty and cute. Ohh though I did go to Pmall with Kat yesterday and I made her buy a pair of harem pants so she made me buy a [really cute] LBD. It was only $15 and it honestly looked really nice. I'll do a post on it once I'm free with time.

Until mid April, I'm going to be super busy and am probably not going to post as much :( but I will try my best.

anyway until next time, take care~