Mar 27, 2014

I don't even know where to start.... [warning: picture overload]

Wow. I cannot believe that I haven't posted since the semester started in September. And now I'm almost finished with school.. once and for all. Don't get me wrong, I love school but I think I've reached that point where my whole life has been about going to school and getting an education and now I think I'm finally ready to enter the real world. 

It's going to be weird not being in school for the first time in my life; I think it'll hit me as soon as my 4 month summer is over and them, BAM! it's September. Although I will probably face a lot of difficulties and tough times but I really am looking forward to the future and experiencing new things and jobs :D

Anyway I just wanted to do a quick update for the past 2 semesters of my last year in school.

I'm going to try my best to organize these pictures by month.


random OOTD, pairing neutral colours with a forest green for colour

pretty sure this was Eaton Center, Christmas Decorations

first job working in a mall. I had an amazing time working there during seasonal time

another OOTD, polka dots and colour blocking sweater

my semester 5 coat, inspired by a night sky. Designed, drafted and sewn by me

here's me wearing it. Sorta big haha

Lol I love Simpsons


in a small cafe in downtown Toronto, I believe its called Dark Horse

polaroids with Yve ^^

Someone was really happy about this haha 

Gotta have sushi on that winter break. yum

that one time the city froze over

But man, was it pretty and photogenic

First time Joey's Markville- Ahi Tuna Burger (Y)

I gotta have my pasta though (Y)

And of course Apple Pie/ Crumble dessert

January/ Februrary

New Year. same friends :D

OOTD: printed dress w/brown skinny belt, polka dot tights, and grey cardigan

OOTD: black skinnies, white tank, forest green cardigan, bag: H&M

OOTD: black crotchet detail top, teal shorts, black tights

chill time: pool @ Mix2

OOTD- black blazer with lace detail, printed dress, heart print tights

the McDonald's Olympic snack pack lol mmm McNuggets

KBBQ @Chako's, I believe this was during reading week

Olympics viewing lounge at Eaton's

Valentine's Day Date

That time I ended up with two laptops

OOTD- red cardigan, white tank, grey pleated skirt, black tights

When we watched Sailor Moon during our sewing class, best decision ever


lol fail at OOTD picture- printed crop, forest green cardigan, black skinnies

sneak peak at my final year collection for the Seneca Fashion Show

Panorama view at from the 4th floor at school

first time visiting the CN Tower

Yay dinner :D

I couldn't believe it was frozen

panorama view from the 360

absolutely amazing view, look at that traffic lol

Glass Floor- the red words on the right hand side is the Roger's Center

March 27th- up to date: day to day

messy bed; woke up 11am

yay morning face- hello world

looking for something to eat

a fried egg makes everything better

watching tv, almost took a nap

to STC!

o - o

OOTD- bunny sweater, bow print circle scarf, burgundy coat

bunnies huddled together!!

well hello cutie ^^

>   -   < so fat

my favourite Tim's drink- French Vanilla, unfortunately I lost

Yay business cards

Blogging time :D

Well that was quite an update but I feel caught up now.

This last year so far has honestly been an emotional roller-coaster. There has been so many good and memorable times and not so great but still memorable times. I've had at least 2 breakdowns this semester but now that I look back at it, I can laugh about it and realize that it wasn't such a big deal. 

Some dates that are super important for me:

April 11th- my last exam
April 9th- Seneca's Fashion Show, Redefining Design
April 3rd- Job Interview
March 28th- Student Excellence Awards Ceremony

And graduating in late June.

To those who have exams coming up, study hard and focus (Y) The worst thing you can do is cram and not get enough sleep.

Here's to the last month of school!  

~till next time