Mar 28, 2011


Okay so I'm pretty tired right now and I've got an English presentation tomorrow, hopefully it'll go well. I wanted to actually post some pictures and rant a bit but no time, so I shall do that tomorrow or sometime this week :d 
oh yeah we also got our Grad photo proofs, I took a picture of them so I could post it but they have the water mark on it of course since they are proofs... but I'll show them sometime... -tired-

uhhh ok bye 

Mar 26, 2011

flick off your lights :D

Saturday March 26th 2011


do the world a favour and flick off your lights 


Mar 24, 2011

Petite Fashion Challenge # 6

“Dress Up Your Basics”

Jeans and a tee is a classic outfit starter. Depending on what you layer over this basic pairing, you can change style and feel of the entire look. This is your chance to show your personality and your creativity.

For this challenge, start off with a jeans and tee basic look (it can be any style or color) and dress it up to show off your personal style with accessories, jewelry, and whatever you’d like to add.


Special thanks to Style Pint for hosting's this month's PFC :D

This was actually a difficult challenge since it's the basic tee and jeans combo. I went through many outfits until I reached this combination. Again the main colour for this outfit is red haha... and since it's spring here in Canada (though the weather sure doesn't feel like it) I wanted to wear something that had a floral pattern on it and this vest was perfect. I am also in love with this bag... it's versatile and there are many ways to wear it (Y) as shown in the last 3 pictures. And I hate how my jeans look pitch black in these pictures, I blame the lighting in my room, it was really sunny so I had to close the curtains and I left the flash off :/ like it looks okay but those are not the colour of my jeans ahah.

enjoy! ^^


Mar 20, 2011

end of the week

So its Sunday evening and I'm just procrastinating my homework till tomorrow, which surprisingly is still March Break... we go back to school on Tuesday (Y) I have a test when I get back but even though it's open book I'm still scared for it :/ and there's still other things I have to worry about like jobs which I am going to the mall tomorrow to look for openings and there are also scholarships... ughh darn essay's and 1000 word letters. Oh yeah so the last picture is one of the ways I tie/wear my scarves. So it's a long rectangular scarf but I tied it to make it look like it was a circle scarf ^^ it's my way of having a circle scarf without having to have an actual circle scarf... maybe I'll do a 'How To' later on but with pictures of course :D Though I know from the picture above it just looks like I'm wearing one of those square scarves... but I promise it's not :P ahah it's kind of deceiving.. well tomorrow I'm not going to be sleeping in cause I've got homework to do and jobs to look for :/ I think I'll wake up around 10ish.. oh by the way the bow hair accessory that I'm wearing above... yeah I made it :) *sighs* it's going to be a long day tomorrow...

Mar 18, 2011


Forever 21: 100% for Japan 

"100% of every dollar that you spend online at Forever 21 will go to the tsunami and earthquake relief efforts in Japan" 

today only March 18th ends 11:59 tonight

spread the word :D 

shop to help [heart]

-- that picture above is suppose to be a GIF... don't know what happened :/

Mar 17, 2011

all work and no play...

Today was dedicated to doing my design homework... and I've got to admit it was pretty productive, though I did take long breaks in between :/ ahah and while I was doing my work I asked my sister to take pictures of me... and here's how it went: 

me: hey can you take pictures of me while I'm working?
sister: how come?
me: for my blog :)
sister: you have a blog? [laughs] 
me: yeah...
sister: [takes camera] sure

aha it was pretty funny but she did it for me anyways :) So the design assignment that I've been working on for quite some time now is the mask above. Its suppose to be inspired by a traditional Venetian mask and I chose the Jolly mask, which I have to say looks quite similar. And as a final product of display, my teacher wanted us to draw an illustration of the mask on a person, the mask itself and a flat and a spec. then outline and paint/colour it. Though I'm not finished my final I hope it looks well in the end and I'm planning to paint it using gouache paint (Y). And I need to work more on my [fashion] illustrations, I keep using books as references.. I need to stop, but I gotta keep practicing.

Mar 16, 2011

sickness takes over

                               (Estee Lauder- Cherry Fizz)

Ok so I am totally sick.. *sniff*sniff* I have a cold, and how I got it.. I have no idea. I think it's been 2 day already.. ughh I don't like being sick, not that anyone else does. Anyways I'm trying to dedicate my March Break to homework, blogging and some free time in between. So far it's been homework, homework and homework and I woke up around 10ish each day, except for that one day where I slept in till 12 :P But I would say that its been productive, though there's so much more that I want to do T - T So on Saturday I went out for my friend's brother's birthday, and I usually don't wear make-up but I went heavy on the eyeliner... lol and being the poser that I am, I took pictures and then upped the contrast and colour levels and there you go a flawless picture that looks nothing like the original... @ - @ but I kinda like both versions. And yesterday I painted my nails, I usually don't go for the whole pink nails but this is a nice colour so I decided to try it out. It looks pretty good though (Y) but when I woke up 3 of my nails were scratched up... I have no clue how it happened though :/ Good thing I took a picture of them before they got scratched. Ooh the weather has also been looking better and feeling better, today its sunny and not so cold.. though in the morning it was raining aha I feel spring just around the corner..

Mar 14, 2011

black & white

                                    Shirt- Mother's
                                   Jumper Skirt- Pacific Mall
                                   Shoes- Urban Planet
                                   Purse- Mother's 

So the shirt that I'm wearing above was given to me from my mom, I absolutely love it. Not much for today...

Mar 13, 2011

precious time

It's been 2 days since the tragedy in Japan and well I stumbled on this site while on another blog. It's a before and after of some of the cities in Japan Before&AfterYou should check it out, though it is shocking to see homes and land being gone in an instant. I didn't know what to expect and it really is horrible. But knowing Japan I know they will build up and recover, everything just takes time... 

Mar 11, 2011

so much can happen in one day

                              (pictures courtesy of Google images)

I can't believe that an earthquake hit Japan thus causing a tsunami. It's really devastating and sad that a lot has happened. I heard about this in the morning from my dad, and then I was watching the news on tv and at school. Its really sad watching footage of the real thing actually happening. Things like this can happen anytime and in just a few hours a lot has been wiped out. I am praying to God that loved ones, family members and friends are safe. I've been updated with this by the news, blogs, videos from youtube and this tumblr -- Fuck Yeah Japanese And just think, google is already filled with pictures and news of the tsunami. Please help out in any way and pray for Japan. One person can make a difference but imagine what the world can do. 

much love to Japan;

Mar 10, 2011


The weather is still icky. It was raining today and the roads and sidewalks are all filled with slush and gigantic puddles. I hate having to avoid big puddles, it's like an obstacle course and the goal is getting home. It was pretty windy and I was wearing my skirt while walking home. My feet were freezing and my boots got soaked. I also had a lot of stuff to carry home today, that's the disadvantage of being an art student, no matter what you'll always be carrying something. Gahh. Oh and lol the third picture is not a stalker picture or anything, it's my brother... he was walking so fast T - T ahah but he was helping me carry one of my projects for design :) Yay March Break is coming almost here! Time to sew, draw, work on my scholarships, apply for jobs, practice driving, try to get photoshop, catch up on manga/jdramas and etc. :P well back to design homework, which I have to draw illustrations and such ^^

Mar 9, 2011

when will it be spring?!?

Guess how the weather was today? crappy :] and why you may ask.. well it snowed! Ahhh seriously the weather is whack... one day its sunny and the next day its freaking snowing T - T It's March and we have this kind of weather, really weird. And next week is March break, if the weather keeps up then I'll be spending it shoveling, yippee... anyways this week has been quite hectic so far. But I can't wait till March break :D 

Omg so I just finished shoveling my driveway, the snow was really heavy plus it's raining and snowing... gosh, and I was wearing so many unnecessary layers of hoodies lol :P I was actually getting hot while shoveling. And when I finished shoveling I went inside and my glasses fogged up ahah I find it funny when that happens. Yeah well today's outfit... well its technically what I'm wearing right now since I wear uniform at school. Yep good old sweatpants, tank, and cardigan (Y)

Mar 6, 2011

sew what?

This weekend has been devoted to sewing. I went to Fabricland yesterday to buy some materials for homework which I shall explain later, and Simplicity patterns were on sale for only $2!! Like seriously that's cheap, they're usually like $10-15 (Y) So I got 3 new patterns, one of them is skirts, next is rompers and dresses and the last one is a tunic with a belt and ruffled bib. Though the sale is over tomorrow, New Look patterns are on sale for $2 as well, and the week after that McCall's patterns will be on sale 2 for $7 though. All such great sales :D and I also got a Fabricland membership card since I thought, "I'm here a lot so why not get a discount as well?" The price of the membership was on sale as well, it's usually $15 for students but it went down to $11.50 but it expires August of this year, hopefully I'll be able to renew it. (Y) I look forward to making some new clothes over the March Break, which starts this Friday ^^

So about my homework, in my design class, our project was to make and design a Venetian Mask. So my theme was the traditional jolly mask which sort of reminds me of a jester mixed with Harley Quinn from Batman. And for all I knew, we only had to make the mask itself not a whole costume... but as a fashion student my teacher expects me to make some kind of outfit to match the mask, and the main colours I used are red and gold. I based the shirt/dress off of a pattern that I bought yesterday, which was pretty easy to make, and took me the whole of yesterday night to finish, but I'm proud of it. And see the leg warmers that I'm wearing above? I made them to go with the costume and a little hair accessory which is the last picture. My sister said I look like some kind of peasant thought :P I just better get over 90% on this project, I spent a lot of hard work and money on this so hope it pays off. 

Also I trimmed/layered my hair a bit, I did it so when I tied up my hair there would be short layers left over. And I braided it so that the short layers are left, I think it looks nice, as seen above. And I can't believe that it snowed over night, I woke up this morning and was like "It snowed?!" yeah the weather's weird here in Canada.