Aug 31, 2010

red shoes

on saturday i did some major shopping.. i got 7 tops, a skirt, a dress, a bow belt, and 3 shoes (flats, sneakers and flip flops) i should take a picture of all of them but i'm way too lazy but i'm very happy with my clothes =] so above is one of the 7 shirts that i got, it reminded me of my red sneakers that i'm wearing... yay red shoes :D

Aug 16, 2010


woke up with a headache T - T but after taking some medicine i felt better (Y) oh yeah and i love this ring (last pic) it's actually 2 rings in 1.. since the outer ring has a ridge (don't know what to call it) it keeps the inner ring (the one with the design) in place but there's enough room for it to move around and make this ringing sound as if the ring was too big for my finger.. i don't know if any of that made sense but i tried.. wow it doesn't really make sense after rereading this

> ~ <

Aug 8, 2010

it's been a long day

just watching titanic at the moment, it's such a classic movie and i enjoy watching it :D. so the pictures above are from the past few days... pictures 4-8 are edited btw and in picture 5 does anyone see a pig? lol i saw it after taking the picture :P 

Aug 7, 2010

just like a picnic

 ok so i woke up pretty early today, like 9:00am and that for me is early (especially since today is saturday). i would usually sleep in till like 12 but my sister kinda woke me up. so i just went out with my sister and dad today, and now i'm waiting for lunch... i think my dad is making spaghetti, yumm :P

Aug 4, 2010

new shorts :D



so about a week ago i remembered i had these trousers that i didn't like very much so i was like 'what can i do with them?' and i thought that they would look really good if they were shorts so i got out my fabric scissors, a needle and some thread and got to work. i had some trouble making each pant leg equal, but it looks fine :D and i love my new shorts

(the result of my shorts make me very happy)