Jun 24, 2010

first day of freedom

today i went out with a friend and i actually bought something... cause usually when i go out, i only buy lunch and other small things, but today i bought a garment. lol it's a jumper skirt, and it's black. i like it a lot cause you can match it with almost anything. plus i hadn't bought any clothes with my own money for a while so i decided to treat myself, though my mom thinks i have enough clothes. heh well you can never have too many clothes... right? 

Jun 23, 2010

i am done!!

yes i am finished with my exams!!! yay, now summer vacation starts for me... but i still have to go back to school for the grade 12 graduation, i'm going to miss them so much :( but i wish them good luck and have fun =] ... anyways i'm going to have to move out of my room in a few days... my relatives are coming from china and are going to be staying with us for a while, so i use the guest room to do my hwrk and there's so much stuff in this room that's mine. and i never thought that one day i'd have to move out of here... but i'm still in the process of cleaning.. almost done though. *sigh* so many things to do this summer, but one thing that i really want to do is sleep earlier.... the school year made me so stressed and i've lost so much sleep trying to finish CPT's and assignments. yeah so i'll be away from blogging for a while, but i'll try to update or blog randomly throughout the summer. that's it for today =] enjoy summer break everyone


Jun 17, 2010

did you get a haircut?

i got a haircut yesterday :D... lol does it even look any different?? anyways i've wanted one for a while but never found the time to get one, so my friend wanted to cut it and i let her. it was fun.... so it's a lot thinner than before (my hair is usually thick) and i have some layers and it's a bit shorter. and it was free!! haha... mm just finished another one of my exams today, tomorrow i write my religion exam and then i will officially be finished my exams on wednesday :D yay

Jun 13, 2010

it's raining, it's pouring....

so this past week its been raining like crazy, but today it has stopped (Y) anyways this weekend i was in the mood to sew, so i resized one of my pants. shown in the three pics above. they were really loose and baggy so i made them skinnier/fitting... turns out i made them too fitting > - < but i still like how they turned out. i also made a bow from teh scraps and just slid them into one of the belt holes. on a side note exams are coming close and i'm going to be quite busy studying my butt off... greattt, but on the bright side summer vacation is only a few weeks away. yay

Jun 7, 2010

i hate procrastinating..!!!

(Polaroid OneStep CloseUp Camera)

i honestly hate procrastinating but i do it anyways, it's like when someone throws something at you and the first thing you do is protect yourself, it's a reflex and procrastinating is somewhat a reflex for me. i don't even know if that makes sense. jshgfgttrok gosh i hate it so much, it's the reason why i stay up so late on sunday night, not that i want to. i also hate the fact that i waste my saturday doing nothing, when i could be doing my hwrk.. instead i am paying for it now, still being awake that is and trying to finish my homework. well what i have to do for hwrk is finish drawing/shading in a picture i drew (polaroid camera) and it is taking me forever! well there goes my sleep T - T

Jun 4, 2010


(military style dress and just something i wore to school)

*sighs* this whole month is going to be crazy and hectic... exams, tests, projects and other stuff. i just wish it was all over so i can enjoy my summer vacation > - < .... ok well this is great, i clicked 'publish post' and it didn't work so the last thing that saved (for some unknown reason) was until "> - <" ... not going to bother retyping what i previously typed before so whatever... urgg back to hwrk

*heyy yve*