Oct 26, 2011

one happy camper (:

Ok so a load of pictures for today's post ahaha. So you can already tell which are from the Creativ Festival and Market Village [cute plushies] And the first two pictures are the things I got yesterday. So my sister, dad and I went to Vaughn Mills yesterday. I needed a new winter jacket so I was looking in a whole bunch of stores to find one that was warm and affordable. I like the clothes they sell at Urban Planet and I saw this cute jacket that was $40, but it had a red tag on it saying additional $10 off so that means $30 plus I have a UP card that gives me a discount. In the end I got the jacket for $30, you know with tax and whatnot taken off (Y) I say it was a good deal. Next, my military-like lace up boots. Got those at Payless for only $15... D: omg so cheap. So they were already on sale for $35 and y'know I thought that was cheap to begin with so when they scanned it to see the price the register said $15.. I was like huh? and the cashier was really surprised, he asked his manager and they said that they probably forgot to change the price on it so he gave it for $15... omg what a steal! I was very happy yesterday :D and that is my story ^^

Oct 24, 2011


So yesterday I went to the creativ festival held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center downtown with a new friend that I met at school, her name is Rachel. It was my first time busing/subwaying downtown by myself, but she, my sister and my friend said that "it's easy, you won't get lost" and they were right, I didn't get lost but I was confused at one point. But you learn from your mistakes right? Aha anyways, it was a lot of fun and I just wish we had more time to hang out downtown. We also took this workshop on how to knit.. took less then an hour and woo I learned how to knit :P And there were also some great books on sale less then $20 [most of them] all different categories such as sewing, fashion, decorating, scrapbooking, arts, knitting... anything creative actually. I wanted to buy some books on fashion but couldn't find a book that caught my eye. Though Rachel bought a book on some Eco DIY fashion projects, I would've bought one as well but that was the last copy.. but it's ok, I still had lots of fun. After going through several booths, it was almost 4:30ish and the event closed at 6.. and it was getting dark so we decided to head home. I was subwaying in the opposite direction as her and finding my way back home wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. Also stopped on Pmall and Market Village on my way home, I shall post pictures tomorrow, haven't uploaded them onto my laptop just yet. 

And today I went to Vaughn Mills with my sister and dad, quite a distance from where I live but it's all good. And then got some drinks from Second Cup.. as you can see in the picture above :D It tasted really good... I don't exactly know what it was though... lol just ordered it. Oh yeah and starting tomorrow I get the week off, it's study/reading week for our school (Y) yay but I have a lot of homework to catch up on and I will try not to leave it for Sunday night [oh gosh D:] Well that's about it for my weekend.

Oct 13, 2011

once a year

So about a week ago it was my 18th birthday... till now I forget that I turned 18 lol and these pictures are from my birthday so haven't gotten the chance to blog till now. I've been busy with school work and well I finished all my work for today so I'm free :D Anyways study week [aka reading week for others] is on the 24th and I know I'm going to be so busy with my homework, I know for the first few days I'll probably procrastinate but for sure I'll get my work done. 

I know it's only about a month and a half into school but I really like it, I know sometimes the work is tedious and I'll get pissed off/annoyed but I love it. I'll even stay after class and just work on it to finish instead of putting it off another day. And I love sitting on the floor in between aisles in the library, it's so relaxing and quiet. 

And the weather has been rainy throughout the week but during the Thanksgiving weekend it was sunny.. I actually wore shorts again...