Dec 31, 2011

last minute

Haha so it's about half an hour left till the countdown and I'm eating chips and watching tv ooh and I'm trying to finish up my new year's resolutions list (Y)

Happy New 2012 Year everyone :D best of luck in this new year.


2011's Eve

Happy New Year's Eve bloggers! My outfit for a party later on in the day :]

Dec 28, 2011

'tis the season

Hello world :D
Happy Holidays to everyone, and I cannot believe that New Year's is this Sunday D: 2012 came so fast and 2011 is almost over. But I gotta say that 2011 has been such a wonderful year for me, my loving family and my amazing friends who I cannot live without, you guys are the best ~love. I have had so much fun and random times with my friends and well I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. And I've gotten a lot closer with them too :] 

On Christmas I went to a family party at my cousin's house, it was so crazy and filled with tons of laughter. We played 6 intense games of bingo, which by the way I did not win any of them and my first lottery ticket which I won $10 on :P and I actually didn't do Boxing Day shopping this year... so surprised but if I did I'm sure my mom would've yelled at me since I have so much clothes. It's ok though, I like my wardrobe as it is atm. Ooh so my marks for the first semester was posted on Boxing Day, I didn't even realize till I saw my friend's fb status update on marks. I passed all of them yay ^^ now I really have to buckle down and work uber hard this semester. Mmm also I start school on the 9th which is about 2 weeks away from now, and my prof assigned homework for us to do... gotta start on that soon.


Dec 25, 2011


Merry Christmas everyone and happy holidays!!

Dec 19, 2011


I forgot to upload these the day I actually wore them... this is what procrastination does to me D: anyway both of these were worn not so long ago but recently the weather here hasn't been that cold. I've been able to wear my fall jacket a lot now and not-so-thick-knit winter-y scarves. *sighs* I don't think we're going to have a white Christmas this year :( in my opinion it doesn't feel like Christmas unless it's covered in snow, man this sucks. Well I've got a lot of family Christmas parties coming up, you know what that means? Dressing up in nice clothes :) I absolutely love it, even if it's just one night I still get excited haha. And I'm the kind of person to pick out her clothes the day before, sometimes even a few minutes before I have to leave.. which leaves a mess of clothes on my bed to come back to later that night, haha it's the worst feeling but I clean it up instead of shoving it on the floor. 

I can't believe Christmas is in less than a week :D so happy, I love winter... well I love all seasons but winter especially. Lights shining, snow freezing, decorations hung and presents... oh and family :] I'll be sure to keep posting this week. And New Year's is just around the corner as well, gotta make a New Year's resolutions list, I'll try to follow it this new year :)

Dec 14, 2011

now what?

Awesome :D so I'm finally finished with first semester, and above are the skirts I had to make for my clothing construction aka sewing class and my pattern making class. The first one is for pattern making, it's my own design and creation.. I called it a Faux Draped Skirt. Also we sew our garments in muslin, otherwise I would've chosen a nicer fabric and the standard size that we make garments in are a size 10 so when I tried it on (2nd last pic) it was quite big on me so that's why my hands are at my side. Didn't want it to slide off lol. And the gathered skirt with flare (3rd pic) was for my sewing class, also big on me.. my right hand is holding it together at the back ahah. It was really fun to make, though behind those smiles are thoughts of staying after classes to finish up and making a mess with tracing paper and muslin in my room. I think next semester we're focusing on dresses, this was focused on skirts as you can tell :P 

Today's outfit was kinda casual, grey loose fit sweatshirt, black leggings, and I'm wearing sneakers in this pic but I actually wore boots today.. they were dirty so I didn't want to bring them in my room. I feel like the weather's getting warmer.. or just not as cold as winter should feel like :S Anyway I noticed that for the past week I haven't worn anything but leggings and stockings.. I haven't worn jeans in a while, don't know why though. And I've been listening to the Wonder Girls' new album Wonder World this whole week, I love it so much and I have been youtubing anything to do with Big Bang.. I absolutely am in love with them.. *typical fangirl moment* lol

On another note, I'm going to my high school's Christmas concert tomorrow. It's been a while since I last visited and well I'm done exams so why not? :)
And before the concert which is at like 7, I'm probably gonna go to Pmall with my sis. 

Job hunting awaits me~

Dec 13, 2011

just one more day

Forgive me, the first 3 pictures are blurry D:  

So all of last week I was drawing illustrations like crazy for this one presentation I had. My table was cluttered with markers and paper for about a week but I was able to finish (the night before) and above are just some pictures. Today I had my first college exam.. it was English, wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. All we had to was was write an essay comparing 2 readings, I finished it in an hour though we had another hour leftover but I just wanted to go home and eat. And this is today's OOTD, I just bought this blue and grey striped knit cardigan for only $10 (Y) Urban Planet is having a sale up till Christmas then of course a sale for boxing day. And the burgundy leggings are also new, $5.. yay for cheap finds aha.

I feel like Canada's winter isn't so winter-y or snowy.. it hasn't really begun to snow yet, I just want a white Christmas this year.. well I want a white Christmas every year :P also 1 more exam tomorrow then I'm done. We had to design and make a skirt, I'll take pics and post sometime this or next week. What else.. oh yeah so being my age and all I should have had some experience in working right? Well I've never had a job before and I really need one this break, I mean I'm off school for a month so I need to do something and a job would be the best idea.. too bad I can't find one :( argg

Ooh tomorrow is my friend Rachel's birthday, happy 18th birthday :] hope you have a great one this year. Mmm well guess that's it, 1 more to go ^^

Dec 5, 2011

mission [almost] accomplished

Oh man so when the doorbell rang yesterday, I literally dropped all my stuff and ran upstairs. Haha my cousins picked up my dad at the airport and they drove him home; so happy to see him again. He started unpacking his suitcases while throwing stuff [gifts] at us. I've wanted that envelope clutch for the longest time, but never got the chance to get it while I was in HK. My aunt asked if I still wanted it and I said yes please :) haha there was a large, medium and small size, I wanted a medium size and in brown. It came with 2 straps, a shoulder strap and a shorter one to hold as a clutch. I absolutely love it, I can't wait to use it ^^ Next is the Angry Bird, bird lol uhh my aunt and dad got that for free after purchasing something; I mean I'm not a huge fan of Angry Birds but it's cute in a strange way :P And the Japanese [I think it's Japanese] paper doll is soo cute, I already have one in blue but this one is for my sis, she 'misplaced' her doll. They also stayed in Singapore for 3 days, and we got t-shirts as souvenirs. I didn't know that their mascot was a Merlion, a hybrid between a mermaid and a lion, hah cool. My aunt also got a scarf for my sister and myself [her's was a leopard print], both from Maple, if anyone's heard of it.. it's pretty popular in HK (Y) And of course some snacks, lol blueberry ice cream Oreo cookies [soo good when refrigerated], a huge box of Lindor chocolates and this [not sure if it's German?] German chocolate. :) hah my aunt's coming to visit again in March/April, she said whatever you want from HK, just make a list ^^ lol I don't know what I want though. 

Aside from that, exams are next week D: and technically this week is my last week of classes, (Y) so happy that I [almost] made it through 1 semester. Ooh yeah took a picture of the month December on my school calendar, I love how they used sentences to make the word December, p.s I really do need to clean it out... I'm running out of room, nooo!

Dec 4, 2011


Next week is going to be one of the busiest weeks for me... excluding exam week of course D: so many things are due and presentations... I'm going to be stressing for sure. Anyway I think I've made a new record on something, I've been to Pmall 4 times this week.. Monday, Thursday, Friday and today. I didn't even notice until I was there today with my sister, I told her that and she was like "oh yeah, you have" haha but she didn't really want to go in the first place, but then I told her that this one store was selling scarves for $5.. next thing you know we're walking there :P And above's picture is the scarf I purchased, it's a yellow and teal checkered scarf.. and I noticed that I own a lot of blue scarves.. this just added to my collection. So my mom gave me money to buy some, here's the scenario:

sis: me and bet are going to pmall
me: they're selling scarves for $5 [not the only reason why I went lol]
mom: what? again?
me: yep
*mom goes downstairs, and comes back with $10*
me: aww thanks ma, do you want one?
mom: no it's ok

haha oh btw I go back and forth in speaking Canto with my mom, though she understands English [most of the times], but she speaks Canto with everyone in my family :D Anyway well I think that's it actually haha oh wait, my dad's coming back tomorrow from HK, super excited and happy [as you can tell in the last pic] Can't wait, he's arriving back here tomorrow night, which means when he leaves HK it'll be afternoon. Happy weekend :]

*edit: weird, I don't know why blogger is showing this font as Small.. it should be Normal..

Dec 1, 2011

need some relaxin'

Oh my gosh, this semester is almost over and I might just go crazy... a lot of projects due next week and exams are in 2 weeks D: Anyway, I've just been working on my illustrations, as seen in the last picture.. not that great of an idea to work on my bed, lol too comfy. And I think I'm getting hooked on Tim Horton's French Vanilla Cappuccino Supreme, though it's only a promotional thing so it'll soon be gone, but it's so good (Y) And oh yeah I went to Pmall after classes today with my friend and I saw this Christmas tree made out of shoes... o - o haha I just had to take a picture of it, the things people come up with :P but it looked kinda cool, and they had a whole bunch of cords around it so I'm thinking that they're putting lights along with it? Can't wait to see it lit up though :D I'll try to take a picture if I can. Mmm what else, oh so my dad's coming back from HK this Sunday, I'm excited ^^ yay, haha and we should be putting up our Christmas tree sometime next week. I just looked at my calendar and it's still on November... *walks up, rips off page, back on bed* Omg I have a research report essay due for English this Monday, a group presentation, a test and an assignment is due the following Wednesday. Well I'm going to be nerding it up this weekend B) haha well I do have glasses, so that's what I would look like in emoticon form. Ok well I'm going to manga for a while then sleep, 10:45 class tomorrow, yay get to sleep in for a bit ^^

Nov 27, 2011


One of the few outfit posts for this year... so sad, if only I had time to actually take pictures of what to I'm wearing for the day, but not much people [friends] know that I even have a blog so it's not like I can ask people to snap a pic of what I'm wearing. Ahh anyway, I've been wearing this necklace a lot, this heart charm was from another necklace but I thought it'd look better on a this chain. And my hair is [slowly] growing long enough that I can tie it in a ponytail.. haha a very short one. But it's kinda weird cause my hair usually grows pretty fast but this time it's taking quite long, maybe cause it was cut really short which I'm not use to but I wanted to so well patience is my best friend right now :P Hmm what else is going on with me... well I finish exams by the 15th of December and start school again on the 9th of January so I technically get a month of school off (Y) haha so happy, gonna spend it well and sleep lots. Oh yeah and my dad left for HK on Friday, he'll be back on the 4th, kinda lonely without him at home, can't wait till he gets back though :) Mmm ok well school tomorrow, gotta wake up 6:30... not looking forward to English on Monday morning.