May 31, 2011

wonders of nature

Last Saturday I spent a lot of my day downtown... hmm from 6:45am to 6:30pm lol. I had my camera with my and just started taking pictures of flowers, trees and etc. I love doing close ups, especially of flowers ^^ and I'm not an expert in photography but I love pictures. Anyways tomorrow's June and just 2 more weeks [or approx.] until exams T -  T its honestly not the time for me to be slacking off. Recently I've been finding myself almost falling asleep on my laptop at 11pm... that's early for me to be that tired and I've been sleeping at 12ish and waking up regular time which is 7am. Ahh maybe I'm just getting lazier since school is almost over? I'm getting over 80 in all my courses... I'm just scared for my Philosophy and English mark after exams... it's going to be crazy. I'll survive but I'm going to miss high school... *sighs*

May 27, 2011


-I think this is the most I've cried this year.....-

Hmm went to the mall with Jaclyne. We spent a while in H&M lol I usually don't try on clothes in that store but why not? Plus I really like their clothes..

scratch that,
I like the store as a whole, the bags, clothes, accessories etc.

but I don't think I have anything in my closet from H&M.. *gasp* Haha the above pictures are me in the changing room for H&M, tried on a shirt that was a Large cause there were no other smaller sizes and I didn't like the other colour [tan-ish/brown] What attracted me were bows and the scoop neck :P and I like the look of baggy or loose-fitting clothes, and it didn't look too bad on me. Next is the jersey knit skirt, I liked the print.. orange ^^ anyways it was a small but still too big for me... I have a small waist lol I'd probably need a belt for the skirt but they don't let you try on belts in the changing room. I didn't end up getting any of them though, I would've probably gotten the shirt though. 

Too much work for this week, no sleep for me... and I really got to get my priorities straight

I want to make a list of things to do for the summer :D I should start writing it soon aha

May 23, 2011

i finally did it!

Happy Victoria Day [though the weather is crappy and rainy] lol I still heard people doing fireworks while the sun was still out :/ 

I know the first picture is a bit blurry but don't mind that. I finally cut my hair!! Lol I've been wanting to do it before prom but its easier to work with long hair for curling so I just decided to cut it after prom. And man is it short.. haha I miss my long hair already. Oh yeah I cut it on Friday to be exact and then again on Saturday and yesterday lol but now I am satisfied with it. It's something different, seeing as I've had my hair long for most of grade 12.
Ughh so onto something unfortunate lol so I have this 1000 word analysis for English on the book Wuthering Heights and it's due tomorrow... I just started today and so far I have 680/1000 words. I mean it's not bad, though I have been working on it since 5 o'clock @ - @ I'm slowly getting there. And I have a whole bunch of drawings to do for Design, we got assigned our CPT on Friday T - T it's on Industrial Design, we have to design an artifact that is in the area of house-ware, appliances or furniture. And to be honest I have no idea on what I want to do... I was thinking a couch/sofa or a bar stool. But for now I have to finish English first then worry about Design... only a month and a week and a half to go... omg exams start mid June T ^ T gahh

May 16, 2011

last week

Last week was somewhat busy, I didn't feel like doing anything because it was Prom week. And since Monday was a PA day the week was shorter than usual and many of us couldn't wait till prom. So I went over to Yvette's house in the morning and we just chilled the whole day and then around 1ish we started getting ready and lol we didn't have to leave the house until 5:45. But we're girls and it takes us longer to get ready ^^ So I don't remember if I've mentioned this in the previous posts but I did make my Prom dress, and the first 2 pictures are it. It took me 4 days and during prom week I did some touch-ups, and I only spent under $60 on it (Y) So I like clothes that are versatile and can be worn in different styles, so this dress has 3 lengths to it. Shorter bubble skirt, knee length bubble skirt and flowy [calf length], I chose to wear it knee length. And of course I love bows so I added one big one to the back of my dress. And Yvette's sister did my hair, I really like it cause a lot of people thought I cut my hair but it was just [tightly] curled and then pinned up with bobby pins. I actually am considering cutting my hair shoulder length.. which is really short for me.

 Anyways the night was very enjoyable and memorable but honestly Prom wasn't that great.. it was ok, I mean it wasn't the best thing I've ever been to but I didn't regret it either. Omg and the food was also pretty good, first they served salad, then pasta, and chicken [with potatoes & veggies] and last but not least dessert :D as you can see in the 3rd picture from the bottom up. It was vanilla and chocolate ice cream wrapped in a crepe and then dipped in chocolate and of course the chocolate hardened and decorated with fruits and chocolate and strawberry syrup. Mmm it was really good, I wanted seconds but they only gave 1 portion for each person ahah. Ooh there was also a chocolate fountain/ fondue table lol seen in the picture above the ice cream dessert.. mm I had chocolate dipped banana [which is my favourite fruit] and haha I made that face x ~ x -- doesn't look like it at all. And the night ended with slow songs.. meaning slow dances lol and then of course after parties, I was invited to Go for Tea but couldn't, instead I just went home at like 12:30 and slept at 1am. Was so tired the next morning; I had to go to the library for English, my group and I were meeting up to practice for presentations. Haha we goofed off though, we took pictures with my friend's webcam.. was fun :D

Anyways this week isn't too chaotic, but just a month and like 2 and a half more weeks until exams/ graduation, then I'm done high school.... then summer *sighs* 

May 8, 2011

a week is not enough

First off, Happy Mother's Day ^^

So this week is another long weekend cause tomorrow is a PA day for us. So on Saturday my friend Jaclyne and I went to TCAF which is short for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, it was held at the Toronto Reference Library, which may I say is huge [5 floors] *gasp* it was a lot of fun and again free stuff (Y) It was my first time going to TCAF and I hope to go again next year. There were many authors there that I didn't know of.. actually I don't think I knew any, but I was there for Jaclyne, she had a lot of fun though :) I did get a little caricature drawn by Steve Manale haha the last 2 pictures are him.. he didn't know he was getting photographed lol stalker pictures ftw.. just joking :P What attracted me to his little podium was the sign which isn't very legible in the last picture.. but it says: LOW-COST
haha when he handed the picture to me, he was like 'I don't think it looks like you, maybe if you had a sister but that's what you get for a low-quality character' and it was funny cause I do have a sister hehe. It somewhat looks like me and I forgot to take a picture of it D: another time then. Ooh yeah and the shirt was $10, it was a good memorabilia of the festival.. it was either that or a bag, but I thought I would use the shirt more. And finally an outfit post, it's been a while :P the weather on that day was very nice, it was sunny and not too windy.. was 16 degrees :D nice weather for May. Oh and there was a panel that Pendleton Ward was at but when we went there it was way too crowded and everyone in front of us was a lot taller so we couldn't see him.. or hear him @ - @ so we left.. sad times. Pendleton Ward is the creator of Adventure Time, which I think is such an adorable show :P and we wanted to go to a signing as well but it had a long line up and the room that it was held in apparently filled its maximum capacity so one of the volunteers told us to come back in an hour, we didn't though. 

Anyways, I [again] have a lot of English homework and next week is a short week.. and Friday the 13th is Prom for us.. oh gosh.. it's going to be a long week though it's short T - T and I have an English presentation on the 13th... u - u

May 1, 2011

it's over with

Last week was probably one of the busiest weeks for me this semester. It was Arts Week, and seeing as I'm an Art Student there was a lot to prepare for. Each day I had to stay after school to do something, and the timing ranged from 5-10. It was really tiring and exhausting and on the long weekend I was working on my architecture for design class. And as you can see above that is my house, the design is 100% mine and the labor was 99% me. Haha I was very happy with the result and the work I put into it. But there are some little details that could have been done better. And omg those stairs took forever to finish and what sucks is that they're not even equal @ - @ oh by the way the 2nd picture is the back view adn the 3rd picture is the front view (Y). My original design was to have a pool in the back yard but as you can see there was no room for that after the stairs were put in. And Arts Night at my school was on Thursday, I had to stay after school till 10. I had to help my teacher set up many things, set up the sewing machine and help put things away when the show was over. A lot of work was put into it and it was a success, too bad we didn't have the annual Fashion Show. And I absolutely love the last picture... not because it's a picture of me but because of the quality of the picture. Yvette took it with her camera and used a friend's portraiture lens, and I just happened to be smiling :) looks nice though. Oh yeah I was also suppose to do a PFC post but I wasn't able to get home until 10 and was at school the whole day, I was really looking forward to doing the challenge too, I feel bad for signing up and then not participating in it T - T

Anyways as usual I've got a lot of English homework to do so I better get to it :D just 2 more months then I'm done high school.. summer is coming too, can't wait