May 23, 2011

i finally did it!

Happy Victoria Day [though the weather is crappy and rainy] lol I still heard people doing fireworks while the sun was still out :/ 

I know the first picture is a bit blurry but don't mind that. I finally cut my hair!! Lol I've been wanting to do it before prom but its easier to work with long hair for curling so I just decided to cut it after prom. And man is it short.. haha I miss my long hair already. Oh yeah I cut it on Friday to be exact and then again on Saturday and yesterday lol but now I am satisfied with it. It's something different, seeing as I've had my hair long for most of grade 12.
Ughh so onto something unfortunate lol so I have this 1000 word analysis for English on the book Wuthering Heights and it's due tomorrow... I just started today and so far I have 680/1000 words. I mean it's not bad, though I have been working on it since 5 o'clock @ - @ I'm slowly getting there. And I have a whole bunch of drawings to do for Design, we got assigned our CPT on Friday T - T it's on Industrial Design, we have to design an artifact that is in the area of house-ware, appliances or furniture. And to be honest I have no idea on what I want to do... I was thinking a couch/sofa or a bar stool. But for now I have to finish English first then worry about Design... only a month and a week and a half to go... omg exams start mid June T ^ T gahh

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